The survival of beauty

On a daily basis, I have clients ponder the idea that having cosmetic injections or even a skin treatment will be interpreted as being self-centered. “Am I being vain?” they ask. The guilt sets in, particularly in the over 40 crowd. I often reply with a monologue about why it’s important for us (women more-so)… Read more »

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Does Botox/Dysport Hurt? – Needle Phobias & Fears

At least once a day I have a client that asks if Botox/Dysport hurts, and tell me how terrified they are of needles. Needle Fears and Phobias As a Public Health Nurse, I am quite familiar that fear of needles develops when you’re young. Even if you get your whole body tattooed, there is something… Read more »

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A Guideline for Safe Cosmetic Injections

This ebook was designed to educate everyone on safe cosmetic injections. Whether you’ve had injections before or if you’re thinking about getting them, read this ebook to educate yourself on your rights as a patient.  When considering injections be safe and prepare yourself ahead of time!

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