Double Chin Treatments
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Double chins never double our confidence.

They never hide in photographs. They never make getting a tan easy. They have a great way of making us feel like maybe we should wear a turtle neck, or a scarf, or even pop our collar.

So, where did the double chin come from?

  1. Genetics. We love our family, but sometimes they pass on traits that we don’t really want. Thanks Mom and Dad! Double chins are often a family physical trait. If a double chin runs in your family, preventative treatments, while you are in your youth and normal BMI range, can help prevent future laxity in the jaw region. The key here is rebuilding the collagen faster than it degenerates.
  2. Being outside your normal BMI can produce excess fat under your chin. As fat cells expand, the jawline recedes, softens and loses its angularity. Weight loss can have a dramatic effect in this case, and may help to reduce the number of injectable treatments required.
  3. Age often has this horrible habit of migrating fat from the temples, cheeks and buckle-hollows and depositing it under the chin in the most unflattering way. In the end, we become skeletonized with a new pouch of fat resting below our chin.If you feel younger than you look or just simply want to look younger than your age, there are solutions. Skin laxity is a determining factor in what modality you choose for treatment.

Injectable Treatments for the reduction of a double chin.

Chin of a man

Consult with one of our medical professionals to assess your candidacy for treatments. You will be require to complete an extensive health record prior to meeting with our medical team. During your consultation, your submental fat and skin laxity will be assessed. This is done via 3D facial and body scans. These scans are completed again throughout and after treatments are completed.

External Affairs Medical Spas treats double chins with an injectable procedure using a deoxycholic acid (or bile acid), which is bio-identical to bile acids found naturally in humans. This acid has been tested in clinical trials on 1600 individuals over a nine year period and was considered safe and effective.

Bile acids have the ability to destroy fat cells and are used extensively by our bodies to metabolize ingested fats from animal products. These acids are synthesized and contains no human or animal products.

During an injectable treatment for double chin, you can expect to receive a strategic series of injections into the fat pouch under the chin. Your comfort is our top priority, and localized numbing is used to achieve this.

How many treatments are required and what is the cost?

The average range of treatments is between 3 and 4. The maximum number of treatments recommended is 6.

The price of each treatment is based on the size of the area being treated. For larger areas, more injectable sites are required.

At External Affairs, we make the treatment of a double chin affordable through the use of our prepaid service packages.


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