EA Hair ReGrowth™
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Top Hair Loss Procedure

Complete Hair Re-growth-100% Satisfied Customer

A medical procedure that has proven itself effective at treating the underlying causes of hair loss.

Surgeons perform approximately the same number of hair restoration treatments on men as breast augmentation procedures on women. What we see in the mirror affects our confidence and confidence in both men and women is universal. Confidence often translates into success in relationships and even work performance.

Noticeably thinning hair on women, however, can be devastating at any age. Wigs, hair extensions, surgical hair transplants, salves, creams, and lasers have all been tried. Some of them work to a degree, some are ridiculously expensive and some require regular appointments for touch-ups. None are a complete and natural hair regrowth system.

Until now…


Re-growing your own hair is not magic, it is simply the progression of scientific research applied to the art of medicine. The internet is full of slick advertising masquerading as science. Most people that care about noticeably thinning hair have tried everything and have given up. People have found that every “hair regrowth miracle drug or treatment” works a little bit at stopping hair loss and some even regrow hair… a little bit, but not enough to be noticeable.

Your body is constantly turning over cells. Old cells die and new cells from the replication of stem cells replace them.When the rate of dying cells becomes much faster than the speed of replication, biological systems like hair growth fail.

EA Hair ReGrowth™ is a one-time medical treatment combined with a quick, painless, daily at home regimen that stimulates the body’s own natural regenerative process to begin repairing damaged follicles and create new ones. Blood supply to the new follicle is generated (in a process known as angiogenesis) and repaired in old follicles. Cellular nutrition is optimized for desired gene expression while cellular energy required for continued replication is recharged daily.

The medical treatment sets the regenerative process in motion, while the daily at-home regimen continues to stimulate each of the vital biological components.  Stem cell recruitment, replication, and differentiation continues to build a mature follicular structure that will eventually produce exact copies of hair strands that formerly grew in the area without help.

Within 45 days fine Vellus hairs appear and within 90 days, follicles begin maturing. At this point, formerly Vellus hairs begin looking more like mature terminal hairs. Bald spots and thinning areas become less noticeable and your 90-day photos will inspire you to continue your at-home regimen. Your hairdresser will be amazed as most have never seen new hair growth like this on anyone besides a toddler.


If you are truly serious about re-growing your hair and are willing to commit to a one-hour medical procedure and a quick and painless daily regimen, this cutting-edge, affordable, scientific-breakthrough may be what you have been waiting for.

Fill out a medical history and ask Dr. Briggs if you would be a good candidate for EA Hair ReGrowth™!


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