Are You Sure Its Really CoolSculpting

Are You Sure It’s Really Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting* is the only FDA approved device for the removal of fat deposits using Cryolipolisis- basically freezing fat cells causing cell death. Yayy to less fat cells!

“Coolsculpting* works great at reducing stubborn pockets of genetic, diet and exercise resistant fat.”

It’s in fact so great that on average we can see a 20 – 25% reduction per treatment. And get this, there is really no downtime, you can go about your normal routine immediately after your treatment.

What else do we know? Due to the fact that Coolsculpting* works so well, there are several ‘wanna be’ devices on the market claiming to be Coolsculpting*.  Let’s call these the “Ugly Step Sisters”. Unfortunately, these ‘wanna be’ devices deliver sub optimal results and can be quite expensive and sometimes downright dangerous.

What To Look For

Here are a few guide lines when looking for a reputable Coolsculpting* service provider:

1) Look for the trademarked Coolsculpting branded snowflake.  It should look like this:

2) Look for the upgraded Coolsculpting* machine and applicators.  They should look like this:

3) When having your consultation, ask questions such as…

  • Where did you get your training?
  • Have you attended Coolsculpting University?
  • How long has your company been in business?

4) Is the price ridiculously low compared to everyone else? Why? Is that company going out of business? Is it a “Fake” Coolsculpting* machine?

The pricing structure for Coolsculpting* is regulated by the company itself. We are not allowed to appear on “Group On, or offer 50% off our treatments.  Hmmmmm….have you seen those ads?

Don’t be caught getting a suboptimal treatment with one of the “Ugly Step Sisters”.  Coolsculpting* is a kick ass treatment when done properly by a properly trained technician.  Do your research, ask the tough questions and enjoy your newly sculpted body.

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