Permanent Makeup and Microblading (Especially Microblading) have exploded all over the world, like tie dye on a hippie in the last year. P.M/M.B are meant to enhance one’s “natural” beauty ( PFFFT, if there even is such a thing anymore these days). Seriously though, the times today are much different. Most woman are working full time jobs on top of being moms, homemakers etc, and with social media constantly in our faces telling us how we should look, woman are also trying to find the time to look half decent in the morning…nobody has time for that shit anymore. Its not just foundation and mascara, its contouring, its highlighting, lip lining, brow defining, the aggravating never-ending list goes on and on! So anything thats going to help save a sister 15 plus minutes in the morning….. hey SIGN ME UP! So here are answers to some FAQ and a few guidelines to follow when deciding whether or not permanent makeup is a good fit for you, and why you should be choosing to have it done by our techs at External Affairs.


Permanent Makeup is typically the same idea as tattooing, but with some very key differences. Tattoo artists use a needle and ink, with P.M  pigment is used and applied into the dermis of the skin with a disposable cartrage that resembles real makeup.  Typically lasting 2 to 5 years, Permanent makeup can be used for brows, eyeliner, lips, any facial feature that you would like to enhance that would typically be done with temporary makeup. Be aware that permanent can look really tacky, especially brows, if not done by an experienced tech who has done more than a 3 day course and has an artistic eye to given you that beautiful and natural enhanced look.

Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigment into the epidermis giving much finer hair-like strokes. It is only for brows and is the newest trend in Semi-Permanent Makeup. Because the pigment only reaches the epidermis, it only lasts about 6 months to a year max but does offer a much more natural appearance compared to permanent makeup because of the hair-like strokes. In my opinion, as I’ve seen so many permanent/microbladed brows in person, I would prefer permanent just because it lasts so much longer. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it to a person who has zero eyebrow hair to begin with. Microlading on the other hand, is awesome for people who have no hair to begin with because it can offer such a natural look!

When searching online for things to consider when choosing trusted places to receive this procedure, these are the most common key points to keep in mind that I had found:

  1. Permanent Makeup can cause serious infections – Permanent Makeup carries the exact same risks as a regular tattoo. Infections can be transmitted from the needle and also from the ink itself. For these reasons, it is so important to make sure the technician is following strict sanitation procedures , and also receiving their ink from the most trusted of providers.
  1. Just because its cheap doesn’t mean its good – I cannot stress this point enough. As I’ve stated in my video, please stay away from “Groupon Brows”. Always do your homework and don’t just go to anyone. With the recent popularity with P.M and M.B literally everyone and their dog is offering this service now. So trust me, please be careful, don’t eff up your face . . . oh did I forget to mention that it is permanent? The next point on this list will stress this point even more…
  1. It is not easily removed. Once again, it is a TATTOO. Laser tattoo removal is a long, painful and pricey procedure, and will only fade it at best. Electrocautery is also not entirely reliable. So make sure you are totally happy with how everything looks before hand in the consult. Make sure you are comfortable with your tech, look at a ton of before and afters, just don’t be a degenerate. It really is common sense.

Now that we have gone over those crucial points my next conversation will be steered towards External Affairs Medical Spas and why this company should be at the top of your list on deciding where to come and get your next set of flawless brows or perfectly winged liner etc, done.

External Affairs are pioneers in the permanent makeup industry. When P.M first came to Canada, that is when we started doing it.

External Affairs are pioneers in the permanent makeup industry. When P.M first came to Canada, that is when we started doing it. We work with Micro-pigmentation Canada which is one of the strongest P.M trainers in the country, and supplies us with top quality product. We work with PHI measurements to make sure we are giving you brows that perfectly match the natural bone structure on your face. We have been featured doing P.M makeup on CBC National News, the Emmy Award Winning Show “Taking it Off”, and many of the local news stations. We are extremely strict with sanitation procedures and only use disposable cartridges, protecting you and putting your health and safety first. We are masters at corrections including removal, and we look after you half price for life after your initial appointment.

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We provide a ton of before and afters on our social media playground and do a detailed consult with you beforehand, taking pictures using our advanced 3D technology, and making sure you are feeling absolutely well taken care of. During the procedure we have different options to different anaesthetics/numbing creams, ensuring the most comfortable experience. And last, but certainly not least, all of our technicians are trained by the best, undergoing constant training, staying up to date on all new techniques, and must complete a minimum 1 year apprenticeship before touching any of our clients. So with all that being said . . . .


Here at External Affairs we have 3 Experienced Permanent Makeup Artists who are at the top of their game in the industry. I interviewed each of our techs and this is what they had to say…


Q: How long have you been at External Affairs?

DIANA: Over 13 years (HOLY COW WOW!)

OTILIA: Almost 9 years

MAYA: 2 Years

Q: What is your passion in life?

DIANA: “Making people happy!”

OTILIA: “To empower woman”

MAYA: “Making people feel beautiful on the inside as well as the out”

Q: What is your favourite Permanent Makeup service to preform and why?

DIANA: ” Eyebrows because they make such a huge impact on the face!”

OTILIA: “Brows and Lips . . .Brows enhance your expression and show how you feel, lips are the first thing that someone notices when your talking to each other”

MAYA: “Eyebrows because the service requires a good eye, artistry, and is very structured”

Q: Here at External we do use PHI measurements to draw out a clients perfect brow, but if you had to describe your own personal “style” using 3 words when preforming these services what would they be?

DIANA: Accuracy, Natural, and Precise

OTILIA: Definitive, Logical, Correct

MAYA: Symmetry, Structured, Detailed

So please, come to External Affairs…where we are “Changing the faces of Edmonton two brows at a time”,  and let us take care of you. Stayed tuned for my next blog, watch my video, and comment any other questions you may have!



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