A Guideline for Safe Cosmetic Injections

This ebook was designed to educate everyone on safe cosmetic injections. Whether you’ve had injections before or if you’re thinking about getting them, read this ebook to educate yourself on your rights as a patient.  When considering injections be safe and prepare yourself ahead of time!

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How to Build Big Beautiful Lips with Dermal Filler

Hi everyone, today let’s chat about how to build your lips over time with filler injections. Everyone has their own idea of beauty especially when it relates to your lips. As an injector, I think all lips are gorgeous and my goal is to enhance the lip you already have and create symmetry. With hyaluronic… Read more »

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Nurse Sheena: Tech Neck

Most of us are consumed with our phones and computers each day. Studies show that young adults use their phone between 5-9 hours PER DAY. Being on your phone 24/7 can have some side effects though…If you’re like me and you hold your phone like this…you are at risk for TECH NECK. As an injector,… Read more »

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