Chemical Peel

Safe and Effective Skin Rejuvenation

Bring Clearer, Smoother Skin to the Surface

A Chemical Peel is one of the safest and most effective treatments available to smooth and improve the texture of facial skin. It can be used on its own, or in combination with other skin-care treatments.

Skin conditions such as acne, discoloration, and surface irregularities all can benefit from this proven treatment.

Our effective chemical peels may be the answer for smoother, fresher skin for our clients in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Spruce Grove.

Conditions It Treats

  • Acne + Blemishes
  • Skin Texture
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Safe and effective skin rejuvenation.

We offer different levels of chemical peels depending on your specific skin conditions and goals for treatment.

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of pigmentation, sun spots, and age spots
  • Improve acne scars and skin texture
  • Reduce the effects of sun damage
  • Improve the overall texture of the skin

During your consultation with us, one of our Clinical Esthetician’s will ensure that Chemical Peels are the correct treatment for you.

Just below the surface is your healthy skin!

Using a chemical solution, our Chemical Peels remove the fine outer layer of grey skin cells on the face. The ingredients in the solution break the lipid bonds between living and dead cells. Our Chemical Peels are available in various strengths varying in the amount of peeling desired.

Before & After

Bring Clearer, Smoother Skin To The Surface

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Why Choose Us?

The External Affairs team are experts in aesthetic and regenerative medicine, serving Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Spruce Grove areas.

Our teams of physicians and skin professionals have been helping men and women feel confident in their own skin for over 20 years.

At External Affairs, we provide one-on-one consultations during which we can plan out individualized chemical peel treatments that are specially formulated for you.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Our chemical peels are an ideal treatment for those suffering from acne and for the general rejuvenation of your skin. Many of our guests enjoy having this treatment done seasonally to slough off rough, dull surface cells for a glowing, refreshed look.

Post treatment, your skin may be red and flaky and peeling will occur for 3-7 days. After your chemical peel, the skin is sensitive to the sun, so make sure you wear broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure? Read our FAQ’s below.

How much does a chemical peel in Edmonton cost?

The cost of a chemical peel in Edmonton for a single treatment is $120 dollars or you can purchase a series of 3 treatments for $320.

How many peels will I need?

Receiving a series of chemical exfoliation treatments will yield the best results. Our clinical estheticians will guide you through a skin care program that consists of treatments and skin care products that are suitable for your specific needs.

The superficial peels are usually done several times over the course of several months. The deeper peels usually only need to be performed once to achieve the desired effect.

How long do the results last?

With good sun protection, results can last months or years, depending on the depth of the peel. Generally, the deeper peels have a more long lasting effect.

Is a Chemical Peel safe?

Yes, it is. When performed correctly by a certified, experienced Medical Esthetician, such as our technicians at External Affairs, a chemical peel is both safe and effective. However, it is a clincal procedure. As such, there is a potential for associated risks.

As a professional skin-care clinic, we will not perform any procedures without first assessing: your complete medical history; your current health condition; and your potential for complications.

What are some benefits of a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is minimally invasive and causes little-to-no pain. Because the outer layer of skin is sloughed off, the body can regenerate a new layer, leaving the skin smoother, less wrinkled, and healthier in appearance.

Are the results of a Chemical Peel permanent?

While the results of a chemical peel are not permanent, they are long-lasting. And, depending upon your skin type and condition, and the type of chemical peel that you have, results will vary. Results are more noticeable after a series of treatments, and if other skin-care treatments- such as microdermabrasion - are used in conjunction with the chemical peel.

Is a Chemical Peel painful?

Typically, a chemical peel causes little-to-no pain. Your skin might feel hot and tight, as it would after having been sunburned. Once the peel has been neutralized, your skin will feel fresh and smooth, without discomfort.

How long is a typical treatment?
If I Live in Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove or South Edmonton Can I Still Book an Appointment?

Yes of course. We welcome new Chemical Peel patients from across Alberta to book an appointment with us including those in Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove or South Edmonton.

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