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Accentuate your eyes.

Beautifully sculpted brows and dark lashes can transform your face, enhancing your best features and drawing attention to your eyes. Uniquely tailored to you, our brows and lashes are customized to suit your facial features, style, and desired look.

Whether you’re suffering from hair loss in your brows, have light-coloured lashes, or just want added fullness or definition, External Affairs can help enhance your natural beauty!

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Enhance your natural beauty.

Almost every woman has a bad brow story – over plucking, over waxing, or the nightmare of shaved brows, but some women suffer from conditions that cause hair loss, leading to spotty, misshapen brows.

Hair loss in your brows or lashes can occur due to stress, metabolic or age changes, alopecia areata (an autoimmune disease), trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder), eczema (skin disorder), makeup, or medications.

Brow and lash treatments can mitigate the impact of hair loss and help you accentuate your eyes to feel like your best self.

Why choose us?

At External Affairs, we have a legacy of excellence. Your eyes are the window to your soul, and we won’t compromise your beauty or your safety.

All too often, complex treatments like permanent makeup and microblading are completed by people with only a day or a few weeks of training and little experience.

In contrast, our artists serve a one-year apprenticeship with our company’s president and after two or more years of intense supervised practice, they are sent to the Canadian Micropigmentation Center in Toronto for a week-long evaluation and certification where our artists have actually been offered positions as trainers.

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