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Our hair is a reflection of our identity – its style, its colour, its length, its texture – it matters, deeply to us. Youth, beauty, virility, liberty – they’re all tied to our hair.

And while losing hair every day is par for the course, losing an excessive amount of hair every day or over a period of time can be traumatizing. Man or woman, a full head of hair is the ideal and getting it back is achievable.

We offer state of the art, non-surgical, totally natural, alternative hair restoration procedures and therapies to maintain your hair, slow down hair loss and restores your hair for natural looking results.

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What causes hair loss?

Androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss) is the most common cause of age-related hair loss in both men and women, but hormonal changes, medical conditions, diseases, diet, stress, medications, and even trauma or styling can cause hair loss.

Gradual thinning tends to affect both men and women with age and recedes from the forehead back (for men, this looks like an M from the top or a bald crown, while for women, their hairlines remain intact while their parts widen, and hair thins overall).

With medical conditions and alopecia areata, which often burn or itch, hair loss happens in bald spots and patches, mostly on the scalp but sometimes in eyebrows and beards too.

Why choose us?

Since 1995 the External Affairs team has passionately worked to give our clients what they want. When we celebrated our 20th anniversary a few years ago we were humbled by many of our clients that we’re proud to say, they’ve been seeing us since we opened.

Due to the passage of time, some of them expressed all new concerns. Hair-loss in men and women was one of them. Receding hairline and the perception of going bald was frustrating for a few. They asked us if we knew of a hair loss cure or at least give them a referral to a hair specialist that was an expert in male pattern baldness. If you are uncomfortable with Thinning and recession, you are not alone.

Giving our loyal EA clients and friends what they want at an affordable price with little or no-down-time is and has always been our mission. Solving the esthetic and age-management problems of every-day people is what we do.

EA Hair ReGrowth™ is an entirely new and innovative hair replacement system that uses elements of PRP treatments and our own innovative technique. After exhaustive research and multiple trials to improve the speed and efficacy of our thinning hair treatment, EA ReGrowth now exceeds our own hopes and expectations for faster hair growth and new Hair ReGrowth.

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