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Not only is razor hair removal tiresome and time-consuming, but all too often, razors result in red bumps, inflammation, ingrown hairs, or nicks and cuts.

Razors aren’t always the right tool for the hair we’re used to removing, let alone the unwanted or excessive hair we’re horrified that we have to remove.

From bikini lines to random chin hairs, from uni-brows to “lady mustaches,” or from big toe hair to back hair, flawless, hairless skin is within reach (without that pesky razor) for both women and men.

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Hair free & silky smooth.

Societal standards of appropriate hair removal – legs, bikini lines, and underarms for women and backs and (often) chests for men – mean that most everyone is hairier than they want to be at least somewhere on their bodies.

Between hormonal imbalances due to conditions like PCOS, menopause, weight gain, adrenal gland or thyroid issues that cause women to grow hair in typically male patterns (face, belly, thighs, butt) and high levels in testosterone in men causing excessive back and chest hair, there are a wealth of reasons why you might sprout more hair than the average person.

But despite our horror at discovering hair where we don’t want it, it doesn’t have to be all shaving and tweezing.

Why choose us?

Only two medical professionals have been offering laser hair removal in the capital region longer than we have, we’re one of the province’s pioneering laser companies.

Our laser technicians and nurses served apprenticeships with our founder and clinical director, ensuring that you will be treated by a credentialed, trained professional. Plus, the lasers we use to remove hair are available only to medical professionals. which translates into consistent, reliable safety and efficiency.

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