Lumps, Bumps, and Moles

Do you have a lump or bump on your skin that is causing you concern?

Whether due to too much sun exposure or growing older, aging is worn most visibly on our skin. Freckles and moles may not have bothered you in your youth, but as we age, our bodies undergo changes that can transform once cute freckles into multiple, darkened, spots that have changed in shape or size.

You might feel like they’re broadcasting your age to the world, or creating the illusion that you’re older than you really are. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your skin’s texture isn’t quite what it used to be or what it could be, now that it’s marred by lumps and bumps.

Although lumps, bumps, and moles are known to crop up on our skin as we age, and are usually benign, it’s always best to keep a trusted eye on any growths, lesions, or spots.

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What causes lumps, bumps, & moles?

While our skin’s health is often determined by our genetics, including how many freckles and moles we might end up with, there are external factors that influence how our spots change over time.

Exposure to the sun is one of the quickest and biggest perpetrators of skin damage. Too much time spent outside in hot conditions with improper skin coverage create a prime breeding ground for lumps, bumps, and moles. Plus, it also results in slowing our skin’s ability to regenerate and heal from the sun’s UV rays or tanning beds, leaving us with multiplying spots, bumps, and discoloration.

Other lumps and bumps can along with age as our skin’s oil production increases or decreases. Lumps can appear skin-colored, red, brown, or white with a rough, dry, or oily texture and are most commonly found on our arms, face, nose, neck, and chest.

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