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A common, yet largely unknown skin problem, melasma almost exclusively affects women’s faces and places that get a lot of sun exposure. And while it’s not a physically uncomfortable skin disorder, it’s an unsightly one that can be difficult to conceal with makeup.

People who have melasma often have brown patches on their cheeks or dark spots around their lips. Fortunately we have treatment options for you!

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What causes Melasma?

The actual cause of melasma is unknown, but people with darker skin tones or who tan easily are more susceptible – especially if members of their family also have it. As with most skin discoloration, sun damage and skin care play a large role in the development of melasma.

Hormones also can be a significant factor in triggering melasma as 90% of people with melasma are women, or are women who are pregnant / taking birth control pills.

Sometimes, just removing the trigger (stopping the pill or giving birth) can aid melasma spots and lines in fading away. However, melasma is a stubborn disorder that has a nasty tendency to reoccur – particularly if you’re not wearing sunscreen or washing your face daily.

Why choose us?

At External Affairs, our skin experts use 3D cameras to assess the skin and determine the best treatment plan for your melasma. We customize our treatment plans to your specific skin, often recommending a medical-grade skin care regime to complement your treatment.

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