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While Viagra is touted as the number one cure for sexual dysfunction in men, erectile dysfunction isn’t the only sexual health issue men are facing, and pills aren’t the only solution either.

Almost all men, at some point, will experience the hardship of sexual dysfunction.

From hormonal drops contributing to decreased desire, ejaculation issues, and reduced performance, and the impact of other medical conditions and personal situations, the key to treating sexual dysfunction is immediacy – don’t let it plague you for too long, help is available.

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What causes sexual dysfunction in men?

From decreased testosterone to medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid and DHEA deficiencies, mental health concerns, medications, drug or alcohol use, and degeneration of penile neurons and vascularity, the causes for sexual dysfunction in men are both varied and interrelated. However, many underlying causes are treatable, offering a good outlook for a return to your former glory.

While most physicians first medicate and then explore treatments, consulting with a professional on potential treatments as soon as possible is the best way to nip sexual dysfunction in the bud.

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