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Did you know the skin is the largest organ of the human body? The skin is extremely important for protecting us from our environment and elements, aids in temperature regulation among many other important functions. The appearance of our skin also contributes to how we feel about ourselves and our first impression of others.

When our skin is healthy and at its best, smooth, soft, hydrated, and toned we feel more confident in our bodies and therefore what we wear. Let’s face it, when it looks great, we show it off, especially in the summer. But the opposite can also be true when our skin changes due to aging, hormonal fluctuations, or genetics.

Our skin texture changes as we mature and our bodies age. This results in rough, dry, oily, or unevenly toned skin, where there once was a baby smooth canopy with little room for imperfection.


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Why does skin texture change?

Our skin texture can change at any age due to internal and external factors, some of which are aging, diet, allergies/food intolerances, genetics, UV exposure, and a poor skin care routine. Changes can include dull skin, skin that looks dry, and an uneven complexion.

Most commonly, however, our skin’s texture changes due to its maturation, leaving the first layer thinned and fragile due to a loss of collagen. But treatment can help retain the beauty and health of your skin’s texture so that you can look and feel your best.

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