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Contrary to popular belief, age isn’t the only cause of women’s challenges with sexual or urinary health. Unfortunately however, women sometimes contribute increasing age to lack of sexual desire, decreased arousal, orgasm and lubrication, or increased pain with sex.

As well, women sometimes think it is normal to have stress incontinence (accidentally peeing when coughing, laughing, working out or randomly) because of age or from giving childbirth. This simply is not the case.

There are several factors that can contribute to sexual and urinary challenges for women including medical conditions and medications, mental health issues and disorders, relationship and body image issues as well as hormonal imbalance.

You are not alone, approximately 43% of women have sexual challenges while 25-33% experiences stress incontinence. We can help!

Treatment Options

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Our Women’s Health Approach

Our comprehensive women’s health treatment is a multi-modal procedure that combines the EA O-Shot treatment with the V-Lase procedure, backed by science as well as outstanding customer reviews.

This treatment safely treats urinary stress incontinence, as well as sexual issues including decreased orgasm or lack of sensation, lubrication, laxity concerns as well an improved appearance of the labia.


The O-Shot is an all natural, nearly painless, non surgical procedure that uses PRP technology with amnion-derived growth factors to stimulate your own stem cells and growth factors in the vaginal tessie.

The potent protein rich platelets are rich in growth factors that help attract your stem cells to the areas that need rejuvenating most, helping grow new blood vessels. This ultimately help increase sensation as well as tightness, helping lack of orgasm, lubrication as well aids in strengthening your urethra (where your pee comes out of) helping with stress incontinence issues.

External Affairs uses medical equipment that is scientifically proven, used by clinicians and technicians who are highly trained and educated to ensure best results.

Positive treatment outcome is associated with strong platelet concentration which is why External Affairs drawing your blood and centrifuging it in our state of the art TruMagellan Centrifuge, shown to create a platelet concentration 8x more than most centrifuges offered in clinic.


V-Lase is a non-invasive, non-ablative intravaginal procedure using advanced CO2 laser technology. It restores your intimate life by improving the youthfulness and elasticity of your vaginal wall, pelvic floor and vulva.

A sterilized intra-vaginal probe is inserted and slowly rotated 360 degrees, producing a gentle thermal effect deep inside the vaginal tissue and pelvic floor which stimulates the remodeling and growth of collagen and elastin as well as new blood vessels, vastly improving the tightness of your vaginal canal, improving sexual sensation as well as the area around your urethra, decreasing stress incontinence episodes.

After your first O-Shot, you will receive a V-Lase treatment during the same session, plus two more V-Lase treatments in the following weeks. By combining the OShot with 3 V-Lase treatments and homecare, External Affairs is ensuring a gold standard treatment to meet your sexual and urinary health needs.  

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