Wrinkles + Fine Lines

Diving deep into laugh lines and wrinkles.

Laugh lines, expression lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles… whatever you lovingly (or begrudgingly) refer to them as, they’ve taken a comfortable front row seat on your face—and that may not be a reality you’re completely comfortable with.

In your early thirties, you might notice some fine lines appearing around your mouth, eyes, and forehead, while in your forties and fifties, those faint marks deepened into full-fledged wrinkles.

Seemingly light creases often go unnoticed until their arches deepen with age and they start adding time to your appearance. But with quick, diligent action, those laugh lines and wrinkles don’t have to turn into crevasses, and the deepest ones can be lightened – we’re here to help.

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Where wrinkles are born.

Between the maturing process, the sun’s damaging effects, and improper skin care, wrinkles are born. Youthful carelessness (and obliviousness) tend to have a lasting impact on your skin. On the other hand, fine lines are mild creases on our face that occur due to facial expressions and inevitably deepen over time – but again, how you care for your skin determines the total impact of time on your skin.

Both natural aging and UV rays cause a breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin, responsible for its youthful and toned appearance. So, when collagen and elastin start to break down, our skin doesn’t regenerate as quickly as before and is more susceptible to the aging effects of both the elements and our natural maturation.

Luckily, there are a variety of treatments that easily (and often painlessly) help iron out fine lines and wrinkles before they develop into greater aesthetic issues for you and your skin.

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