Our COVID-19 Protocols


COVID-19 Policies

External Affairs Medical Spa is following the latest guidelines as set out by the province. As a result, we do not require proof of vaccination to access our services.

Our COVID-19 FAQ's

Yes, we are taking bookings for clients! Please call us or use our contact form to schedule your next appointment.

With mask guidelines being being relaxed, the province will no longer require patients to wear masks in our clinic. However, Alberta Public Health recommends the use of masks in close contact settings. As such, our staff are happy to wear a mask in all close contact situations with patients.

If any patient is uncomfortable in this environment, please call the clinic prior to entering and our staff will make arrangements to guide you directly into a treatment room with a masked practitioner.

No persons, other than the client getting treatment, will be allowed in our clinics at this time. No exceptions will be made.

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