COVID Coping

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been a little edgy these days waiting to see what happens as our politicians attempt to balance the needs of our healthcare system with the needs of the economy. Thoughts pinball in my head as to whether or not I could handle another lockdown. But as my mind cartwheels, I’ve come up with some things that I think will help us all cope a little better at a time where concern is on the rise.

So get ready, because here comes good news!

Save Some Money!
Our team at External Affairs Medical Spa have some super fun promotions planned over the next month. Our Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday offers will give your skin the revival that it needs at a really great price point.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the oh-so missed Client Appreciation event. Yes…so many of you have asked us about our big gift card promotion that we usually offer every year. We listened and have decided to go virtual! Whether you want to pre-plan your own services and get a smokin deal for yourself, or you want to treat others with EA gift cards for Christmas, the event will be in December. Dates and details coming soon!

Botox Helps Depression
Crazy, right?! As someone who’s been getting botox for so many years, I’ve never been shocked to hear that botox can boost your mood. I always feel great after I get mine done! I had read studies about this years ago, but more recent studies continue to confirm the effects of
Botox on depression. If you’re curious, just Google it for yourself! Here’s the latest article I’ve read:

In a nutshell, if you can’t make the expression of frustration, anger, or despair, you actually feel those emotions less. Why? The world is your mirror. If you furrow your brows full time, you are less approachable. If you look pleasant, you are more approachable. Clients are often drawn to these services because of feedback from others.

If Botox isn’t your thing, then pick something else that makes you feel good and helps you relax! Yoga, meditation, a great book, stand up comedy on Netflix, or a walk outside with your dog.

Speaking of dogs…


Meet Murphy!
I might have taken my commitment to coping better during these times a little far with this one, but how could you say no to this face! Meet Murphy, the world’s cutest Bernese Mountain dog. Our household was going to look a lot different for Christmas this year with all my kids moved out of our home, so I decided to add some joy into our house with this cute addition. My husband didn’t want a new puppy and said if we did, it would have to live outside. Yah right! I’m getting him anyways and he’s staying in the house! Our youngest son sent me a message on Instagram asking if he has been replaced by a dog? Lol!

Boxed Wine
During my last trip to the liquor store, I was searching for my favourite Pinot Noir: Bread & Butter from California. I noticed that the boxed wine selection has officially expanded to one full aisle at Superstore. “Wow,” I thought to myself. The manufacturers are responding to the increased consumption of wine very cleverly. I broke down and grabbed a box of Cab Sav. I have quickly gotten over the shame! It’s convenient. I’ve reduced my trips to the store. I’m saving money.

One of the reasons liquor sales have skyrocketed is also a sign of how we are coping. The consumption of snack foods is also on the rise. Many of my clients have reported weight gain, as well. Now that most fitness activities are on hold, this further exacerbates the situation. If you have a fitness membership, for goodness sake, do not request a refund! These small businesses need your support more than ever. Instead of snuggling up to a box of Kraft dinner, order take-out from your favourite restaurant. Heck, even a restaurant that isn’t your favourite!

This Christmas, I am being mindful of the small businesses that need our support. Amazon will thrive without us!

“Meditation is healthier than Merlot but we also can’t beat ourselves up as we cope through the craziness.”

I just keep telling myself that this is all temporary. It is going to go away. Brighter days will come. I am so thankful that our team at EA and our loyal clients have put us in a position to be able to withstand a possible closure. And don’t worry, if it happens, we’ll double down on hours available by working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day ( my staff are probably gasping as they read this! ) We’ve got you! We know our services offer clients hope that one day the masks will come off and life will return to planning a holiday, a wedding, or a family reunion!

Stay well. Stay healthy. Cannot wait to see your beautiful faces.

Aging With Passion & Purpose

Becky Wilkins

Becky Wilkins RN

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