At least once a day I have a client that asks if Botox/Dysport hurts, and tell me how terrified they are of needles.


As a Public Health Nurse, I am quite familiar that fear of needles develops when you’re young. Even if you get your whole body tattooed, there is something psychologically different about a nurse or physician giving you a needle. The thought of a needle or blood can kick start your fight or flight response- and before you know it you’re seeing black spots everywhere and feeling sick.

Sometimes health care providers forget that phobias of needles are very common. In fact, 20% of adults are so scared of needles that they avoid medical care. At EA, we got you covered!


For most people, it is extremely tolerable! To me, it is like a very small mosquito bite that lasts a millisecond. Actually, it is better than a mosquito bite because you’re not itchy and you look rested for 3-5 months ;). I would honestly say that getting my eyebrows waxed is more painful, and us ladies get our brows shaped every 4-6 weeks!

Before your body interprets the pain of the needle, you generally are poked again right away for another area that needs Botox/Dysport.

On average, the actual time a needle is under your skin for Botox is very short. I’m talking 30 seconds to 2 minutes at the most for your full face injections. I’m talking a 2/10 for pain.

Most of my clients that are generally terrified and anxious about needles are actually thrilled about how easy/fast/painless it was once they are done! The results always outweigh the discomfort.


We also can use our beauty bar vibration tool to help ease discomfort. We generally don’t numb topically for Botox because you’re in and out so quickly! It’s called a lunch time appointment for a reason.


Botox/Dysport is actually administered through a very, very small needle known as an Insulin needle.

Photo Credit: Plush Derma Laser & Skin Clinic

The sharp part of the needle is so thin, it’s bendable. It’s totally different from an immunization or getting your blood drawn at the lab. The small pinch of my hand on your muscle makes it hard to feel the poke *my little distraction technique ?


Ensure you come to your appointment on a full stomach and fully hydrated! Even if you feel okay, we want to avoid low blood sugar and too much adrenaline- this generally leads to fainting! Let your injector know that you are uncomfortable with needles. I have clients who want to watch themselves being injected with a mirror because they think it’s awesome!

I also have clients who never want to see the needle and sometimes even need music for distraction. During your appointment take deep breaths and try to focus on something calming. Let your injector know what you need, and we will take care of the rest ?

If you have any further questions please call one of our clinic’s to book a consultation with one of our expert nurses.


Sheena Rajput

Sheena Rajput RN

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