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Meet Dr. Steven!

Our clinic’s new Physician 

I’m so excited to introduce myself as the newest member of the External Affairs Medical Spa Physician team. My name is Dr. Steven Huynh, MD, CCFP, but you can call me Dr. Steven! I will be offering primary care at the clinic – a new service to EA!

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Here’s what I’m here to help you with:

  • Screening for age-related diseases
  • Management of age-related diseases
  • Cancer screening
  • Screening for lumps and bumps related to sun damage
  •  Cosmetic removal of warts, skin tags, and moles
  • Contraceptive prescribing
  •  IUD contraceptive insertion
  • PAP smears
  • STI screening
  • Prenatal visits during the first 28-30 weeks of pregnancy
  • Specialist referrals for complex issues
  • Episodic care for acute issues, such as an injury, fever, or trouble breathing

Basically anything you would go see your family doctor about, I now offer at EA! I am available for “meet and greet” doctor visits if you think you may be interested in discussing your primary care needs. Feel free to reach out to the team at (780) 455-2754 or fill out our online contact form to request an appointment if you’re looking for a new family doctor. I’m so excited to meet you!

A little about me…

I grew up in the South East corner of Edmonton, in Millwoods. Roughly 10 years ago, I had a chance to leave home and build a career in medicine, so I packed up and moved to Ontario for schooling. This ended up with a bunch of moves around the Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver Island, the Northwest Territories, then recently moving back home to Edmonton.

I went into medicine thinking that it’d be a wonderful way to serve and promote progress in our country. I really do appreciate that a place like Canada exists for refugee/immigrant families with stories like my parents. After graduating, I went and served in a bunch of underserved, under-resourced regions around Ontario. Now, I consider that chapter of my life finished, and decided to diversify my skill set by beginning training in Aesthetic Medicine. I completed my training with The Botox Course and The Filler Course and have been completing a fellowship with our lead RN injector, Becky. I’m super excited to continue refining my skill sets with the injection team at External Affairs Medical Spa, and super excited to launch the new primary care program!

Much like my career, my personal life is a broad mix. I’m a big nerd, with a big interest in fantasy fiction, board games, and video games. I enjoy the outdoors also and have experimented hiking through the backcountry. My hobbies also include managing personal finances and photography!

So whether you want to talk about an age-related ailment, a growing mole, or even your backcountry hiking injury (I’ve been there!), don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m accepting new patients and would love to connect with a “meet and greet” appointment so we can get to know one another.

Dr. Steven Huynh, MD, CCFP

Steven Huynh

Physician and Primary Care Doctor
External Affairs Medical Spa 

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