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PRP is the human bodies own wonder drug. Everyone has it in them. When you scraped your knee when you were a kid, a yellow, sticky looking substance quickly covered the skinned area. That substance later became a scab.

In a few weeks or months depending on the severity of the abrasion, you looked down at your knee and all the skin and hair had regrown exactly like it was before the accident. The yellow sticky substance that started the healing process and saw it through to completion was PRP.


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Regain & retain your youthful look.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair restoration involves a simple injection of your own platelets into the vascular layer of your scalp. PRP for Hair Regrowth

  • Increases blood supply to the follicle
  • Increases shaft size (thickness)
  • Triggers and maintains the growth phase
  • Controls hair growth cycle
  • Decreases hair loss

How PRP works.

Platelets contain healing growth factors. Those growth factors are like signal callers that give instructions to your tissue to regenerate and multiply. This has lead different fields of medicine to utilize PRP for wound healing to speed up recovery time and regrow healthier, stronger tissue.

With PRP for Hair, your growth factors and stem cells work together to reverse the miniaturization of the hair follicle and jumpstarting dormant hair back into the growth stage.

All-natural hair regrowth

By drawing the patient’s own blood and spinning it in a sterile centrifuge, we can isolate and concentrate the PRP at several times the concentration that occurs in whole blood. We then remove the separated PRP and use it to inject it into the scalp in areas of thinning or baldness.

The objective is to begin the regenerative process as described above and in the end stimulate miniaturized follicles to expand back to maturity whereby they produce terminal hairs as opposed to tiny, fine villus, largely clear hairs.

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Benefits of PRP for hair restoration.

The brilliance of PRP for triggering new hair growth is in its simplicity. You don’t have to go through time-consuming procedures, and since the PRP is an all-natural substance that comes from your own body, there’s virtually no risk of a reaction as your hair follicles are stimulated and nurtured into vigorous new growth stages.

One of the most striking benefits of PRP is that it reverses the shrinking of hair follicles, reducing the process of miniaturization, which is how hair follicles become incapable of producing hair. Both men and women can benefit from PRP, and because the process produces gradual results, the hair growth that occurs will seem more natural and organic.

PRP is a key part of our new hair loss restoration solution that we call EA Hair ReGrowth™. By treating the underlying causes of thinning hair, it is now possible to stop balding at 20 or any age and begin new hair growth without a hair transplant. Learn more about EA Hair ReGrowth™.

Does PRP hair loss treatment actually work?

Initially, many of our patients are skeptical because they’ve tried many treatments and haven’t achieved satisfactory results. The platelet-rich plasma from your blood contains special cells, and by stimulating important cells inside of your hair follicles, the PRP helps to stimulate growth.

The cells from the platelet-rich plasma accelerate regeneration, and they also encourage the growth of new, healthy cells. Many patients seek PRP hair restoration after receiving a hair transplant because the treatment helps to stimulate implanted and inactive hair follicles.

PRP hair regrowth is an excellent choice for men and women suffering from thin hair and hair loss (alopecia). It is a perfect alternative for patients who are not interested in other correcting methods such as toupees, wigs, hair transplants or prescription products. It is a minimally invasive solution for improving the signs of aging by stimulating hair growth.

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