EA Hair ReGrowth™
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Introducing a new hair loss treatment system brought to you exclusively by External Affairs.


EA Hair ReGrowth™: A Non-Surgical Hair Loss Restoration Solution

By treating the underlying causes of thinning hair, it is now possible to stop balding at 20 or any age and begin new hair growth without a hair transplant using our proven EA Hair ReGrowth™ hair loss treatment procedure.

Because…If you care, we care.

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Getting You Back to Your Best

Since 1995 the External Affairs team has passionately worked to give our clients what they want. When we celebrated our 20th anniversary a few years ago we were humbled by many of our clients that were proud to say, they’ve been seeing us since we opened.

Due to the passage of time, some of them expressed all new concerns. Hair-loss in men and women was one of them. Receding hair line and the perception of going bald was frustrating for a few. They asked us if we knew of a hair loss cure or at least give them a referral to a hair specialist that was an expert in male pattern baldness. If you are uncomfortable with Thinning and recession, you are not alone.

Giving our loyal EA clients and friends what they want at an affordable price with little or no-down-time is and has always been our mission. Solving the esthetic and age-management problems of every-day people is what we do.

Contact us today to book your complimentary EA Hair ReGrowth™ consultation and see how we can get you back to your best.

Our clients had choices when it came to hair restoration products and treatments. Some tried drugs like Finsteride, Dutasteride and Proscar others topicals like Rogaine, some tried hair vitamins while a few elected to undergo hair transplant surgery. Unanimously they were disappointed in their receding hairline treatment results. Every new Hair client we see has a similar story.

Our clients want to grow new hair and they want to grow hair faster with; no-down-time, no-surgery. Most importantly they need for it to be affordable in order to blend into their life-styles. They do not want to have to choose financially between esthetic treatments or hair treatments. They want it all.

EA Hair ReGrowth™ is an entirely new and innovative hair replacement system. After exhaustive research and multiple trials to improve the speed and efficacy of our thinning hair treatment, EA ReGrowth now exceeds our own hopes and expectations for faster hair growth and new Hair ReGrowth.

What is EA Hair Regrowth™?

EA Hair ReGrowth™ is a proprietary male and female hair loss treatment. There are only a few genes that are dominant and a few that are recessive. The majority of genes turn on and off in response to the cellular environment. When the environment changes, gene expression changes. Blood flow to the follicle, carrying nutrients and oxygen shrink in capacity.

An entire hormonal cascade gets into a dysfunctional state. Cells get old and lose their functionality, while other cells die without being replaced. Nutritional building blocks are missing or are in dire shortage and the net result is that follicles shrink and eventually die and are reabsorbed. What that looks like is miniaturisation of hair follicles to the point where they can only grow extremely fine, short, clear villus hairs, followed by the final stage of balding, reabsorption of the follicles leaving behind shiny, bald skin which formerly grew thick, long, coloured terminal hairs.

What EA Hair ReGrowth™ does is reverse the balding process by reversing the conditions that lead to thinning and balding. While the treatment itself seems overly simple, it takes each biological component into account and creates a new stimulating cellular environment that is similar to the environment in the scalp that existed before thinning began.

The DNA within the nucleus of each cell then begins flipping switches back to the way they were and rapid hair ReGrowth begins. As long as we continue manipulating and feeding the cellular environment, natural and normal youthful hair growth will continue.

Contact us today to book your complimentary EA Hair ReGrowth™ consultation and see how we can get you back to your best.

The scientific research and clinical outcomes are very clear on this point. When it comes to hair growth, the cellular environment must be maintained over extended periods of time in order to maintain healthy hair growth. Hair grows a little less than a half inch a month. Cellular energy needed for constant replication, along with stem cell recruitment, and angiogenesis (new blood vessels) and neuronal genesis (new nerve fibers), must be maintained at optimal levels day in and day out.

In addition all of the molecular building blocks of every cell and of the hair itself must be optimised and made readily available. No single surgery or single treatment or single vitamin like Biotin is capable of achieving even a small portion of what healthy hair growth truly requires.

While EA Hair ReGrowth™ begins with a single in office PRP procedure, it also requires a very quick, simple daily at home regimen, the entire complex biological system is being nurtured and optimised on a daily basis, to ensure there is never lack or limitation in the bio-systems required to regrow hair. Under these conditions, hair grows fast, follicles mature and villus hairs become terminal, new follicular development begins where no follicle currently exists and existing hair shafts grow thicker and healthier. As long as the manipulation of these systems continues on a daily basis hair regrowth continues progressing.

What’s different about EA Hair ReGrowth™?

As we said earlier, EA has completed the puzzle. Hair loss is multi-factorial. Most research out there is based on a single drug or single therapy, like PRP injections for example. One modality is trialled and tested and if the therapy achieves results (as miniscule as they may be) in a significant number of patients, the therapy is considered successful.

Products like Rogaine, Propecia, Finasteride and Dutasteride can make millions for their shareholders based on marketing and advertising “hope” to the desperate. The patients we see say they have tried everything and are usually unsure whether or not they worked at all.

The EA Hair ReGrowth™ is different. We address the underlying causes of hair recession, stopping it in its tracks, then use various other modalities to quickly reverse the balding process, and we do it all with a single medical treatment combined with a simple daily, at home regimen that is based on almost a decade of research.

It is our belief that success in hair growth is the result of a disciplined execution of systems and processes over time. We have simplified the system down to its lowest common denominators. We address every biological function, leaving nothing to chance. One PRP session and a disciplined execution of your at-home regimen will give you exactly what you want…Rapid, new hair growth that is sustainable.

In addition, we photograph and monitor your progress every 3 months. As long as you continue caring enough to follow the easy protocol, hair will continue to ReGrow in waves.

EA Hair ReGrowth™ Frequently Asked Questions

How did we at EA figure this out while no one else did?
Quite frankly, we have no idea. Maybe it was our 23 years of experience that led to this discovery. Maybe we just spent more time reading the research than anyone else. Maybe researchers and clinicians are already too busy to take an eagles-eye approach to the mountains of research that already exists on the topic. We looked at it simply as a problem that needed a solution and thankfully the PHD’s and science guys had already done the work for us. All we had to do was to put all the jigsaw pieces together. Again, not sure why we were the first to complete the puzzle.
What exactly did you figure out that no one else knows about?
It’s really quite simple. As we know, DNA contains all of the information necessary to build a complete human, including hair on top of the head. Our value to the species peaks during our reproductive years. After that it’s a slow steady decline in biological function until we expire. Hair loss is simply the manifestation of that declining function in one particular biological system. If we focus on that one biological system, we can determine what has changed and is continuing to change. Hair is miniaturizing and being lost permanently at a faster rate than new hairs are growing. So, we simply manipulate the underlying biological systems by stimulating them to act in a more youthful and productive way. Your body already knows what to do and how to do it. The human genome knows exactly how to produce a great head of hair. The information in the DNA is not lost. It will be there until the day you die.
Is it safe? Do I have to take drugs?
While we are extremely grateful that Canada has an incredible emergency medicine system, we are less than impressed with big pharma’s manipulation of our primary care system. In short, we are not big fans of drugs to treat morbidities. If there are natural means, like diet, exercise and life-style changes, that should be the primary care regimen, not drug therapy. Unfortunately for primary care physicians in Canada, Docs have to deal with Canadians and compliance to suggested life-style changes is close to zero, hence the North American, surgery-drug model of medicine. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to ask you to begin a diet and exercise routine, although for many, it would be a healthy choice.
What happens if I stop the at-home regimen completely?
The regenerative process will come to a grinding halt and the former biological systems that created thinning hair in the first place will resume doing its thing. Check out the seniors facilities. Very few of them dye their hair. At some point in your life you will probably stop caring. This is only for those that do care enough to spend 1 minute actively and 20 minutes passively ReGrowing or maintaining a full head of hair.
Are there any side effects?
Yes. Part of your at-home regimen includes hair vitamins. Some patients that were obviously nutritionally deficient in certain areas feel better. Terminal hairs that are already present on your scalp will begin to look thicker and healthier and after a haircut you may notice that your hair is now resistant to getting split ends. One of your hair vitamins will help to improve the sulpha bonds that hold the three fibrils together that make up a hair shaft. More frequent haircuts may be required as hair grows faster and thicker.
Contact us today to book your complimentary EA Hair ReGrowth™ consultation and see how we can get you back to your best.

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