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Exfoliation: It’s Apeeling!

Exfoliation offers a wealth of benefits making your skin look youthful and fresh, glowing and smooth, even and bright. If done correctly, nothing needs to be concealed under layers of makeup.

Our skin’s memory reaches back about 20 years. It remembers the sun shining bright in your eyes, summers spent avoiding sunscreen (and resulting in getting burned and dried out). It remembers the fierce winters it was outside, exposed and beaten by the wind, snow, and dry, furnace air.

It remembers all the angry, all the sad, and all the happy: the furrows, frowns, and smiles. We forget, but our skin doesn’t, it’s there, like an overzealous accountant, writing down, saving all those wrongs.

Despite all the damage, however, your skin will forgive and forget with attention, care, time, dedication, and exfoliation.

“Done right, exfoliation provides beautiful glow and lasting freshness. Done wrong, it creates a desert landscape.”

The skin’s main purpose is to protect. To do so, it must be strong (like a brick wall). As a matter of fact, this is exactly how the skin is built: at the base, the foundation, is the dermis, which is stable and anchors the underlaying ground (the fat and muscles) with blood vessels that provide nutrition.

The dermis supports the epidermis, building it, brick by brick, from the depths to the surface. The mortar, the lipid, holds them together, acting as an impenetrable barrier. The first rows are solid, plump, and even. The closer to the surface, the more moisture can be lost, and the more misshapen the skin cells can become.



When the skin is sun burnt, the lipid barrier dissipates, the bricks cracking and turning to dust – otherwise known as stratum corneum, keratinized skin that is oxidized, discoloured from the excess melanocytes the dermis had to build into the wall.

Patchy pink, the red blood cells leaked through when the vessels opened and closed to regulate the temperature difference of sometimes over 50 degrees in seconds. But, the skin is forgiving and with care, it can bounce back using these advance skin care products in a regular regime:

  1. Papaya Mint Scrub, Resurface Creme
  • Scrub: mechanical
  • Buff the surface (dust off the dust)
  1. Glycolic Acid, Aha Clarifyer, Aha Marine Moisture Creme
  • Sugar cane (alpha hydroxy) acid – chemical exfoliation
  • Working from the surface down, breaking down the lipid holding together the uneven skin cells. As they come loose, the skin looks fresh and bright because it hasn’t been exposed to air (oxidized making it look rusty).
  1. Advanced retinol 0.5
  • Retinoic acid, Vitamin A
  • Speeds up the process of production from the dermis up. More layers of plump, hydrated, even shaped skin cells.
  1. Vita C 20
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Fades patchy brown spots as deep as the exfoliation goes.
  1. Green tea serum
  • Green tea magic for the skin
  • Calms down the inflammation, reduces redness, strong antioxidant.
  1. Vita Soothe
  • Lipid
  • Restores the damaged lipid barrier of the skin, protecting like a saran wrap and keeping the freshness within.
  1. Replenishing sunscreen 36+
  • Sun protection, Anti-aging, Brightening.
  • Double defense against sunlight
    • zinc oxide – sunblock and copper (the colourant for pigmentation)- and sunscreen.
    • enzymes preventing the breakdown of collagen
    • subtle tint for even skin appearance, ideal as a primer.
  1. Salicylic face and body wash
  • Dual action toner
  • De-clogs pores and restores optimal pH levels
  1. Pumpkin mask
  • Pumpkin and papaya enzyme makes skin softer
  • China clay bonds with oils inside the pores removing black heads
Ideal Treatment Schedule

In the mornings wash your face with water only (the whole night your skin was busy producing hydrating nutrients for you, don’t wash them away).

Even with oily skin, resist the temptation to wash vigorously for two weeks. Your skin will balance the production of oils if it’s not forced into overproduction.


  • Glycolic Gel – not around the eyes
  • Green Tea Serum
  • Vita Soothe – also around the eyes
  • Replenishing Sunscreen 36+

Before Bed

  • Remove make up
  • Salicylic Wash and or Dual action toner
  • Advanced Retinol 0.5
  • Vitamin C 20

Once or twice a week

  • While in the shower – skin is softened and pores are open from the steam
  • Mix Resurface Creme with Salicylic Wash and gently massage it in your face. Leave on for a few minutes while conditioning your hair. Tone afterwards
  • Apply Pumpkin Mask and leave on ca. 30 min or as tolerated.


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