Skin Polishing
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At External Affairs Medical Spas, we now treat skin both from the inside and the outside to radically improve traditional treatment outcomes. Nearly two decades of client feedback, clinical observations, and the rigorous study of medicine and science has led us to our new, exclusive, Skin Polishing Systems protocols.

The system is based on a commitment to skin nutrition both internally and topically to produce long-term, healthy-looking skin. Lots of water, high-quality proteins, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and disciplined nutritional supplementation will also boost healthy dermal metabolism.

New innovations and refined traditional Skin treatments performed by educated professionals jump start the process.

With Skin Polishing Systems, your skin will glow.

Skin Treatments

Spa Facials, are relaxing and a great introduction to clinical skin care. It is an excellent low commitment way for new clients to check out the professionalism of a clinic and to have pores cleaned. The Spa Facial is effective in producing noticeable results and some clients book monthly for this treatment.

Cost per Treatment $95

The clinical skin treatments that we are about to describe are all intended to polish the skin. Each treatment is unique in each of the following categories.

  • Mechanism of Action
  • Efficacy
  • Downtime
  • Price
Microdermabrasion is a superficial “skin polishing” procedure using micro-crystals to gently bombard the skin’s surface to mechanically remove the keratinised epithelium (grey cells). These gentle treatments can provide a noticeable improvement in the texture and glow of the skin with no social downtime.

“A Clinical Skin Care System” will be prescribed to continue the benefits long term.

Cost per Treatment $130
Series of 3 Treatments $325
Chemical Peels use a chemical solution to remove the fine outer layer of grey skin cells. The solutions are available in several strengths depending on the amount of peeling desired. This treatment uses chemicals to break the lipid bonds between live and dead cells. It has a deeper mechanism of action than microdermabrasion. The skin may be red and flaky for several days post-treatment. For some, this could be considered a mild to moderate, social downtime polishing procedure. The final results may produce efficacy a notch above microdermabrasion and are useful in the treatment of experienced looking skin, clogged pores, and acne.

Cost per Treatment $120
Series of 3 Treatments $320
Specialized Acne Peels are available in our Acne Treatment.

Oral Skin Nutrition, Body Rx cleanse, and Topical Skin Nutrition will be prescribed based on client individuality and goals.

Facial Rejuvenation

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