2018 is Going to be Great!

Contests, New Year’s Resolutions, Events, and our Top Picks for what you should watch for in 2018.


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New Year’s Resolutions – Why do we do this to ourselves?
Happy New Year! Once again, it is that time of year that we all start thinking of New Year’s Resolutions. It is also that time of year that we commit to better health, being more focused, nicer, eating more vegetables…blah, blah, blah. Then, when February comes, statistically gym attendance goes into a deep decline. Why?

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This is you chance to start off 2018 by winning a $250 EA Prepaid Treatment Card!!!

#1. EA Hair ReGrowth™
Men or Women
Thin Hair or Thinning Hair
The efficacy of EA Hair ReGrowth™ is undeniable. It is faster than any other treatments currently available, IN THE WORLD!
Dr. Briggs is now doing more challenging cases as we push the envelope in discovering what is possible with our exclusive NEW EA Hair ReGrowth™.Grow & Thicken your Hair
Watch for New Before and Afters, and Testimonials from Happy Clients.

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#1. Bio-Identical Hormone Help
It’s more than turning back the clock!
BHRT has been used by medical professionals for decades to successfully treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Anxiety, Depression, and other hormone related or effected conditions. It has no unpleasant side effects, AND it could actually help you live a longer, better life.Did you know that BHRT is preventative of cancers and other chronic illnesses at a ratio of 0.8?

This year, keep you eye out for new emerging information on BHRT. It’s the next big step in taking control of your health and wellness.

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#3. CoolSculpting®
Finally, Fast, Affordable Body Sculpting!
On average 20-25% reduction in fat from each area treated?
Now, combine that with Dual Coolsculpting® and all the Cool Advantage® Applicators and you have a better treatment, in less time, with better results.

Coolsculpting® has an 84% Patient Satisfaction Rate, the highest we have seen of a weight loss treatment – that’s higher than lipo!!

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#4. Special Events
Information, Community & Gratitude, that’s what EA is all about.
Each year, we host 4 major events, and over 6 specialty events. Why do we do this?
A. We just love our clients. We are what we are because of them. Spoiling them is our favourite!
B. We believe knowledge is power, and our clients deserve to be informed and given a choice.
C. We love a good party!

Our COOL EVENT featuring Coolsculpting
® on February 15th.
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#5. Vampire Facials®
Our breakthrough service of 2017.
Our clients are raving about the Vampire Facial®. Did you know, all Vampire Facials® are not alike? the centrifuge technology used, and product combined with the PRP treatment makes a big difference. Plus, did we mention that this product uses your body’s own product? Yes, no foreign bodies here – so those with autoimmune issues need not worry!
External Affairs is a CERTIFIED Vampire Facial® provider.

The Vampire Facial is rated 86% worth it on RealSelf.com.
Everyone is trying the Vampire Facia
. US Magazine. Allure Magazine. Health Magazine.Click here to learn more…

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