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Almost 1 million Canadians suffer from excessive sweating!

Man sweating very badly under armpit

Over 70% of people who suffer from excessive sweating don’t know a solution is available for them.


Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and/or debilitating, depending on the type of job you do. Neural modulators can be injected into the site of profuse sweating to stem the tide. Most patients find that receiving injections twice annually is a great way to relieve themselves of excessive perspiration in under arms, feet and palms of hands.

If you sweat too much. You are not alone. And we can help.

Hyperhyidrosis is a medical condition that is easily and safely treated. This highly effective treatment is covered by most drug plans and Access programs are available for those who qualify.

At External Affairs Medical Spas, we have been helping people free themselves from the dread of sweat stains for over 12 years. We have a team of 5 Registered Nurses and 2 Doctors that are skilled and trained to provide you the most effective relief from excessive sweating.

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