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Whether you are new to the weight-loss scene, or you have struggled for years, EA has a program that fits your needs.

Our philosophy is to treat the mind, body and soul simultaneously. We believe in plant based nutrition, in feeding the body with nutrient levels to support lasting health, and with prevent chronic illness and morbidity by stabilizing hormones.

Our journey of helping individuals achieve confidence and a higher quality of life has been a progressive one over the last 22 years. Our true goal is to create a community of like minded people, who are equally invested in helping others achieve life longevity and health, as they are in achieving it themselves.

We invite you to join us for any of our upcoming events. The are always full of evidence-based, scientific information, that you can use to better you and your family’s lives. RSVPs for small events are required. So, visit our home page to find out about the events this month!

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Our Offerings:

Nutrigenomix Testing – $495

The key to your nutrition, health and weight, could be in your genes. Studies now show that your genetic variations may determine whether foods like coffee are a anti-oxidant, or increase your risk of cardio vascular disease. Take the test and find out:

  • What vitamins you metabolize from food. Or, which you need to supplement.
  • What foods you should avoid for best health.
  • What foods you metabolize to aid in weight loss.
Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy $495

*Prices Subject to Change

Health & Longevity

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