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Botox Cosmetic ® is the most popular treatment performed in both our Edmonton and St. Albert clinics. Not only that, but it is also one of our safest treatments with the least amount of downtime.

Did you know that the medical studies on Botox ® is only second to Asprin®?

External Affairs Medical Spa has been offering Botox Cosmetic ® to our clients for over 15 years! Our injectors are some of the top injectors in Alberta and in Canada. Our RNs have trained with world renowned injectors; Dr. Arthur Swift, Dr. Mauricio de Maio and many more natural, customized and safe injections. Each year, our injectors are invited to all of the biggest training events in North America.

At External Affairs, we believe your face is a big deal, and you should only trust it to the very best. We pride ourselves in setting our clinics apart from others. This means that when you have your next Botox ® treatment at External Affairs Medical Spas, you will receive a technician with more education about your entire face, then you would at any other Medical Spa.

Botox Cosmetic ® for Prevention

You read right. Botox, is no longer used to reverse wrinkles. It is also used to prevent them – and for this, it is used A LOT.

External Affairs treats many young women looking to delay unnecessary aging, or show-case a brow or eye lift. It can also be used to correct smiles, by turning up the corners of the mouth or relaxing a gummy smile.

Botox Cosmetic ® has been shown to help with anti-aging in the widely popular Twin Study. In this study, one twin had routine Botox Cosmetic ® treatments performed; while the other twin did not. At the end of the study, not only did the treated twin have far less wrinkles, but the texture of the skin was more youthful than the untreated twin.

Botox Cosmetic ® for Reversal

For some of our clients, Botox Cosmetic ® for preventative purposes wasn’t a “thing” when they needed it to be. For that reason, we often first meet them when they have made the decision to take control of their life and their appearance. For these clients, they often need wrinkle reversal and future wrinkle prevention. Here is where the art comes in.

At External Affairs, we use Botox Cosmetic ® to soften wrinkles and fine lines, and prevent future wrinkles, or deepening of wrinkles. Then, we use BeautiPHIcation techniques, and Facial Contour Filler to restore volume to the face and replace lost fat or bone. The result is a reversal of time and the youthful restoration of the face.

Click here to see Full Face BeautiPHIcation Before and Afters.

Botox Cosmetic ® for Migraine and Excessive Sweating

Botox Cosmetic ® has only been used for a fraction of the time Botox Medical ® has. Botox Medical ® is commonly used to treat Chronic Migraine, and Excessive Sweating. The treatments are often covered by Third Party Insurance.

We invite clients to see Dr. Briggs for a free consultation for either of these services. For more information, click here.

Did you know, Botox Cosmetic ® and Botox Medical ® are the same drug? The only difference is how they are diluted. Dilution makes a big difference, and it is important you know how your clinic is diluting.

Botox Cosmetic ® = Neuromodulator = Dysport®

Why EA?

External Affairs Medical Spa is a Client Centric Clinic. This means that our services are tailored to your needs and concerns. Here are a few ways we utilize to give you the best service possible:

#1. We Train. When we say we train, that means that we constantly train. Our most seasoned injectors, laser technicians, and estheticians are currently training with industry leaders to offer you the most up to date, safest, most natural treatment possible. Plus, our team is constantly cross-trained. So, you will always receive any and all information you need to make an educated decision about your skin.

External Affairs Injectors are trained in advanced BeautiPHIcation techniques and advanced MDCodes injection techniques.

#2. We use technology and science to diagnose your needs.

Ever had a 3D face scan? Our clients have. It’s part of our intake and post procedure process. During every skin consultation, we utilize our 3D Face Photography system to analyze your skin and facial proportions.Vectra 3D Imaging

How much do you love PHI Calipers? If you said, “I’ve never heard of them”, then you have never been to EA. Our PHI calipers allow us to base our Facial Contour Filler Injections on the Golden Ratio. This makes our injections the most natural, customized and aesthetically pleasing injections possible. Want to know more about PHI? Click here.

#3. We treat internally and out.

Yes, to us you are more than skin deep! You are an amazing person with an intricate biological system. That is why we care what is going on inside you just as much as what is going on with your outside, as well.

At External Affairs Medical Spas, we know that your hormones play a big role in what your skin looks like. Did you know that is the first 5 years post menopause, a woman loses 30% of her collagen? That’s a lot of facial contour filler needed to replace lost volume!

There is good news though, because External Affairs is a Client Centric Clinic, we help you reduce your risks through our BHRT program. This allow you to age slower, and prevent the need to full facial reconstruction in the future.

Why do I need Botox ® vs. Juvederm ® or Restylane®?


Based on your individual assessment, your goals will be determined using 3D Facial Photography. Next, your injector will determine what is the cause of your concern.

When a client’s concern is horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, beside the eyes or on the noes, we look to Botox ® or Dysport ®. This is the same as with the vertical frown lines between the eyes. Movement of the muscles around the eyes or on the forehead causes “dynamic” wrinkles. These are wrinkles caused by movement. The use of a neuromodulator (Botox ® or Dysport®) relaxes these muscles and prevents further damage to the skin.

When a client’s concern is vertical wrinkles, around the mouth, or hollowness under the eyes, a down turned smile or saggy jowls, we look to facial contour fillers like Juvederm ® and Restylane ®. When fat pads in the face begin to diminish and bone density declines, cheeks begin to sag, jowls appear, the mouth starts to downturn, under eye hollows become more apparent, and the temples lose their volume. These types of changes lead to static wrinkles (Wrinkles that are present when your face is at rest). The recommended treatment for this would be Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (Juvederm ®, Restylane ®, Emervel ®, Teosyal ®), or skin boosters (dermal thickeners), Sculptra ®, and PRP (Vampire Facelift ®).


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