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The product injected is properly known as OnabotulinumtoxinA. It is a purified protein that acts as a neural modulator. A neural modulator blocks the signal from one nerve ending to another. While both products are identical, it is packaged in Canada with two different labels. One is for Cosmetic, the other is for Clinical. One is used in beauty and age-management applications while the other is used to treat patients for a wide variety of non-cosmetic, often lifesaving purposes.


Dynamic wrinkles are the wrinkles that are caused by facial muscular contractions. They often make us look tired or angry. Their appearance can often convey messages that are incorrect. Psychologists say that up to 90% of all human communication is non-verbal. Habitual, unconscious facial contractions can cause wrinkles and muscular tension that can betray our true emotions. Neural modulators injected with precision can have a relaxing effect on the offending muscles leaving you in control of emotional expression rather than your autonomic nervous system.


Yes, it most certainly is. Injectable wrinkle therapy however is not botulism and is the second most studied molecular compound, next to aspirin. It has over a twenty year safety record as a medicinal drug used in hospitals and almost a 20 year safety record as a cosmetic injection.


Pain is a relative sensation. Let’s put it this way, the neuromodulator is injected through one of the smallest syringes made. They are often referred to as insulin syringes. Diabetic children inject themselves with the same gauge needle daily. In other words, it is relatively painless. You will feel a small pinch at the injection site. Even the most nervous patients get over their fear of pain quickly after feeling the first little pinch.


Your body will metabolise the neuromodulator and eventually the effect will be gone. On average, injectable treatments take between 5 to 10 days to reach their full potential. While every individual has a slightly different rate of metabolism, on average, after around 4 months, the effect begins to wear off. We often see clients once, twice, or three times annually. The good news is, the longer you use wrinkle therapy the longer the effect seems to last.


Neural modulators are injected as a prophylactic (preventative) measure to aid in reducing the onset of migraines. On average, 70% of patients will experience a 50% reduction in pain associated with migraines post treatment. For some, this treatment is a God send. Most insurance plans cover the drug while Alberta heath Care covers the office visit. Please request a Blue cross non-group application form if you do not currently have a drug plan.


Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and/or debilitating, depending on the type of job you do. Neural modulators can be injected into the site of profuse sweating to stem the tide. Most patients find that receiving injections twice annually is a great way to relieve themselves of excessive perspiration in under arms, feet and palms of hands.

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