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The Art & Science of Beauty

The human eye or more accurately, human perception is hard wired into each of us. In general, we believe that things of beauty, whether man made or found in nature, have universal appeal. We can generally agree that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are beautiful people.


That is because, all things beautiful often have one discernible and universal commonality. They all conform to the mathematical “Divine Proportion”, also known as the “Golden Ratio”, or “Phi”.

To be able to measure and apply this ration we use Phi Calipers. Phi calipers are tools that are designed to measure one facial part (for example the distance between the eyes) with one end and the opposite end will automatically open to 1.618 times that distance. When we flip the calipers around to the 1.618 side, we see that the width of the eye is in perfect harmony with the distance between the eyes in a ratio of 1:1.618, the Divine Ratio. If all other measurements of eyes and brows conform to the Phi ratio, we can universally agree that this individual has beautiful eyes


We can use Phi calipers to aid us in mapping out facial contours. Where is the apex of the cheek bone supposed to be? How should the lips line up with the chin? Which lip should be thicker, top or bottom and in what proportion? Where should the peak of a brow be in order to give it a universally beautiful look? What shape should the forehead be? Concave, convex or flat? What about temples? Could their contour effect PHI ratios? Jaw Line? Width and length of nose compared to lips? And on and on.

At this point you are probably wondering, “If you use Phi Calipers to make tiny little adjustments to everyone’s facial contours, won’t they all end up looking the same…Like mannequins?”

No. Your individual contours are used to set the PHI Ratio. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are perfect examples of two individuals that both conform almost perfectly to the PHI Ratios and yet they look nothing alike.


Placing the perfect amount of injectable product in the perfect spot to maximize beauty and minimize the quantity injected is often considered an art. An art that has been studied and mastered by few. Knowing what beauty is, and how to measure it, is the key to creating beautiful contours as most of the great masters would agree.

The use of PHI calipers puts the science of universal beauty into the experienced injector’s tool box as an aid in the BEAUTI-PHI-CATION process.

All of External Affairs Medical Spas Nurse injectors are educated, trained and tested in the art of BEAUTIPHICATION. In other words they are equipped with more than just a “Good Eye”.


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