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There are two main areas on our bodies that visible surface veins can be considered unsightly or problematic.

  1. Problematic facial veins, are usually visible on the nose and cheeks. When the outer-most layer of the skin’s micro-vessels are damaged by sun, alcohol, trauma, etc. the larger diameter arterioles and veinioles from a deeper layer in the skin will come to the rescue to assure that skin tissue is not without an ample blood supply. These new, larger vessels become visible through the skin to the naked eye. These vessels are normally treated with lasers since the vessels are way too small to treat with a needle and sclerosing agent.External Affairs has the experience and various medical grade lasers required to treat all unwanted facial vascularity.  Pricing is based on consultation. Three or more treatments may be required.
    Call us today to book your no obligation 3D photography consultation. Our highly experienced Clinical Estheticians will provide you an exact quote and answer any questions you have regarding this process.
  2. Unsightly leg veins can be limiting when it comes to clothing options and at times down-right embarrassing.Veins carry blood from the lower extremities back to the heart with the aid of a one way valve system. When the vein walls are stretched and pressure is applied to the valves, they may simply wear-out and begin leaking. Besides being unsightly, this condition can lead to chronic swelling, pain, infections, blood clots and pregnancy-related problems.Varicose and spider veins should always be treated as soon as they are noticed and before the condition progresses and leads to more complicated health concerns.

Sclerotherapy as a solution for body veins


Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical office procedure that is both safe and effective. A sclerosing agent is injected into the incontinent vein causing the vein walls to collapse over time, restricting blood flow and eventually ending the existence of the diseased vein. The treated vein is absorbed by the body’s natural means and newly generated, healthy veins fill the void.

The average number of treatments is three to five and small spider veins can be cleaned up more efficiently with laser treatments. With specially trained medical professionals and medical grade lasers at our disposal, External Affairs is a great choice for both sclerotherapy and laser vein treatments.

Prices for both facial and leg veins are based on condition at time of consultation. More information is available in the clinics. Make an appointment and show us your concerns. If you can see them, it’s time to do something about them. We can help.


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