It’s like a PSL but for your face!

The ideal fall day can be summed up with one phrase: pumpkin spice! As the weather begins to cool and the leaves change, there is really no better time to dive into some serious self-care. For many of us, self-care means getting cozy and treating ourselves to a classic fall drink – like the pumpkin spice latte. Quality self-care routines during the fall season are something that we love to celebrate and cherish at External Affairs. Pumpkin spice is especially one of our favorite fall pleasures to indulge in, and not just in the form of lattes! 

An iconic skincare product that is completely unique to External Affairs is our EA Pumpkin Clarifying Mask. If you’re obsessed with pumpkin spice as much as we are, then your skin and self-care routines are definitely in for a delicious fall-inspired treat.

In today’s article, we will be breaking down all the crucial details about our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask including:

  • it’s amazing benefits,
  • the medical-grade ingredients that give it it’s magic
  • the best way to incorporate it into your routine and,
  • what it feels like on the skin when it actually comes down to using it yourself!

By the end of this article, you will be in total awe of our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask, as it is the real deal when it comes to pampering yourself not just in the fall, but all year round as well!  

The Benefits

First, we are jumping into the most important part, which is understanding all the unique benefits. Our EA Pumpkin Clarifying Mask is the complete package for those who are in need of a skin reset and detox! Experience an intense exfoliation and pore purification that just doesn’t compare to the average retail detoxifying mask with the help of this steller skincare product. When it comes to the skin benefits of pumpkin, there are so many great ones that many of us actually don’t know about and that’s totally okay. It’s what our EA Family is here for! 

The EA Pumpkin Clarifying Mask specifically works wonders for removing all the unwanted surface debris and build-up of dead skin. Say goodbye to that dull-looking texture and welcome a fresh, clean slate with the help of our mask! Plus, if you’re someone who especially struggles with oily skin, lots of blackheads, whiteheads, and enlarged pores, you are going to fall in love with this product and the way it targets all of these persistent skin problems. With our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask, it’s truly that easy and simple! 

When it comes to any type of complex skin problems, we ensure your personalized EA products are of the highest quality and designed with the intention to make your self-care routines feel like effortless pampering! Not only does this mask effectively clear and detox your skin of these unruly breakouts so many of us struggle with, but it will also leave you with a fresh set of smooth, clean, and gorgeous skin that’s just waiting to be shown off underneath. Not to mention, it is the perfect at-home treatment for those who suffer from more intense acne skin concerns. 

Whether you are wanting to see your dull-looking skin fade away this fall, or are ready to finally rid yourself of those pesky blackheads, whitehead, and acne-prone breakouts, our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask has got you covered! There are so many amazing benefits that not only help you achieve your beauty goals but will help you see results that last when you incorporate them into your self-care routine this fall. 

Ingredient Breakdown

Let’s talk about ingredients! Here at External Affairs, we are all about providing quality skincare that lasts and performs efficiently. We know how important it is to work with the absolute best ingredients that won’t cause your skin more irritations, damage, and breakouts in the long run, which many of the most popular retail skincare products actually do – but that’s to be discussed in a whole other article! With our mask, you don’t ever have to default to those spooky retail skincare products that are formulated with less than ideal ingredients and just end up being a band-aid fix. Now let’s show you what quality and healthy performing ingredients actually look like! 

The Pumpkin Clarifying Mask is formulated with three key ingredients that your skin will be sure to love and see those lasting results with. The first key ingredient is, of course, pumpkin enzymes. This is a naturally occurring fruit enzyme that specifically targets the exfoliation of dead skin, pore purification, and other surface detoxifications. Pumpkin is a major wow factor ingredient for your skin to enjoy this fall! These dream benefits are all a reality thanks to the pumpkin enzyme containing a high level of protease, allowing for our Pumpkin Mask to be the perfect at-home treatment. This isn’t even the best part either! Thanks to this being one of the feature ingredients, you get an added self-care bonus of the delicious and naturally occurring pumpkin spice scent. This unique aromatherapy benefit is soothing, relaxing, and the best way to get into the fall mood! 

The second feature ingredient in our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask is papain! This ingredient is better known as papaya extract, and this is also a naturally occurring fruit enzyme that does so many amazing wonders for the skin. It has some unique exfoliating properties and is especially great at targeting build-ups in pores. Papain is a truly wonderful ingredient for giving you that clean surface look and feel, whether it’s treating acne, blackhead, or whitehead-prone skin problems! Papain is like the best friend and secret skin care weapon you didn’t know you needed until now. 

Finally, the third ingredient that makes our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask an all-around fall favorite is Kaolin! This is more commonly known as China Clay. Clay is a seriously magical ingredient for absorbing surface oils and erasing the look of shine. Sometimes powder and makeup just can’t do the trick with reducing the look of shine, especially when the problem is really at the base of your canvas, aka your skin! This ingredient seals the deal for creating a soft and mattified texture to your skin’s overall appearance, all while helping it get that clean and fresh glow. This third ingredient really seals the deal for making our EA Pumpkin Clarifying Mask the total package!

Together these three top-quality ingredients work in just one single use to help reduce so many different skin surface issues, and continued use can work to resolve and prevent any unwarranted acne breakouts in the future. This formula is pure magic and seems almost too good to be true, but we promise it’s all treat and no tricks! These ingredients do the ground work, but the real results happen when you are consistent with incorporating the mask into your self-care routine on a weekly basis! Our EA Family didn’t choose these ingredients at random when formulating our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask either. Trust us when we say we want nothing more than to help you find a custom beauty routine that gets to the root of all your skin concerns, so you can achieve your best beauty goals that are guaranteed to last! Be sure to think about that the next time you’re reading the ingredient list on your average retail detox mask.

How to Use

I strongly encourage you not to be intimidated by the idea of this being an intense exfoliation and high-quality acne treatment, as it is incredibly easy to use and incorporate into your fall self-care routines! Using this will definitely come naturally, and you’ll find yourself constantly reaching for it in your skincare cabinet, whether you’re a beginner to all things beauty or have spent years creating a regime that works just for you.

For first-time users, start light and build as you go! If you have sensitive skin or aren’t sure how your skin will react to a brand new product, that’s completely okay. That’s what our EA Family is here to help guide you through! If this sounds like you, we recommend starting out with a patch test on your hand or first use it to spot treat your acne, blackhead, and whitehead-prone areas. While we always use the best ingredients with all skin types and sensitivities in mind, feel free to test out the waters at your own comfort level with our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask!  

However, if you’re completely ready to indulge in all the skincare glory without any hesitations, go ahead and apply a generous and even layer to the face after cleansing your skin! For the mask to work its magic and for you to see all the gorgeous benefits, be sure to keep the mask on for at least 20 minutes. The longer you keep it on, the more you will see a brilliant detox and clean finish to your skin. Since we recommend wearing it for at least 20 minutes, be sure to have your pumpkin spice latte ready to go so you can get cozy and sip your fall-inspired self-care day away! 

When it comes to application and drying on the skin, you are in for a real treat! With a luxurious promise, comes luxurious results! It’s not sticky, flakey, or messy like your average retail mask. We always have our EA family in mind, and designed the mask’s application to be easy and effortless, so you can make the most of your self-care days. No one wants their products to feel more like a chore than a treat! It might be spooky season, but you do not have to fear your skin’s worst nightmares anymore once you get the chance to try out this mask for yourself! 

We know you’re going to love the luxurious and pampering feeling this mask will give you, so much so that you’ll probably never want your self-care day to end! Beauty takes time, so there’s really no rush. Whenever you’re ready to remove the mask, we recommend rinsing off this skincare lover’s detox with cool water and pat dry your skin with a clean towel. After that, you can finish off the rest of your skincare routine and fall-inspired self-care day with your other favorite EA products! 

The Experience and Results

Now it’s time to get into the most anticipated part: is it really worth it? Despite this mask being clay-based, I cannot stress enough how it is nothing like your retail detoxifying product! The first thing that will stand out and make you fall in love with this beautiful product is the texture. In my opinion, when it comes to finding the perfect mask, the texture is absolutely everything! There is nothing worse than putting something on your skin that just doesn’t feel right. From the first application to the last few minutes of wearing, your experience with a mask should be luxurious the entire way through. From one skincare lover to another, this is a great tip to think about when it comes to finding the right mask for you. Never forget that the textural experience can really speak to the overall quality. 

Thankfully everything about the Pumpkin Clarifying Mask screams fall, luxury and the ultimate self-care treat! You will be able to tell the difference in what a phenomenal product feels and looks like as soon as you dive into the bouncy, spongy, and soft quality of the mask. It goes on like whipped butter and dries with a stunningly soft finish. One thing the average retail detox mask can’t do is give you that same quality finish and feel. Plus, you will adore the fact that this doesn’t intensely dry your skin out, crack or feel painful to keep on for a long time! In fact, if it weren’t for that delicious pumpkin spice aroma it leaves behind, it’s super easy to forget you are even wearing the mask! Without a dry crack or flake insight, your pores are not going to know what hits them when they experience the soft and creamy qualities of our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask! 

Speaking from my own personal experience, I have tried tons of other clay-based masks, and they truly just don’t compare to this EA Pumpkin Clarifying Mask. I also know firsthand about aggressive and stubborn breakouts in the realm of pesky whiteheads, blackheads, and unwanted acne. Whether it’s stress, mascne, or hormonal-induced flare-ups, this mask offers so many amazing benefits and luxurious qualities for lots of different and unique skin types! When it comes to my current skin type, the fall weather isn’t always ideal. With the mix of dry mornings and hot afternoons, my skin is in a conflicted place between needing extra hydration to start but becoming oily just a few hours later! This mask helps me find that detoxifying balance, especially with the oily appearance of my skin. I know I can’t be the only one who struggles with this as the weather changes, so this is just another great reason our EA Pumpkin Clarifying Mask needs to be incorporated into your self-care routines right away!


While I could definitely keep talking about how phenomenal the EA Pumpkin Clarifying Mask truly is, I want to wrap up today’s blog by reminding you that this is a luxurious fall treat that must be expereinced first hand! If you are new to medical-grade skincare products, the Pumpkin Clarifying Mask is definitely the product for you and your fall inspired self-care routine this season. From your coffee to your skincare products, treating yourself to pumpkin spice-inspired luxury is always a good idea. 

Let’s change up those haunting skincare habits and start fresh with the EA Pumpkin Clarifying Mask. Head to our online store to purchase it now! Plus, if you have more questions about this mask and all the ways it can benefit you, we want to invite you to come in for a free EA Beauty Consultation! Here you can chat one-on-one with our skin expert and curate a custom beauty plan that features this iconic fall EA product!

Skin Care Lover and Beauty Guru

Feimoon Choy

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