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and our Nurses are LOVING it!

You may have heard about the Barbie Lift, it is quickly becoming the most popular type of injection. ELLE Beauty recently covered their Editors experience getting Botox® and the Barbie Lift at a Toronto Spa.
Not only does this piece do a wonderful job at highlighting preventative Botox®, and facial fillers, but describes in detail the lift affect one can achieve with the Barbie Lift.
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Imagine Feeling Good & Having Energy.
Imagine living in a way that specifically determined for you.
Join us for a FREE Educational Workshop.

Ditch the Diets with Becky
January 16th
St. Albert location

Your version of eating healthy should be unique to you.
Stop hurting yourself with “Diets”.
You may be taking the wrong vitamins.
The power to feel good, and prevent illness has to do with your genetic makeup.
You were designed for real food.
All attendees receive a FREE copy of the EA Body REHAB workbook.
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Menopause got you hot & bothered?
Are those extra pounds coming, but not going?
Do you just not feel “right”?
Your Hormones run your body, AND they keep you young!
You may have heard about Hormones and HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). However, don’t get that confused with BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy). One is safe, and one is not. One will protect you and give you back your quality of life, the other will not.

BHRT Hormone Health with Dr. Briggs
Monday, January 23rd
St. Albert Location

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Here is what our attendees had to say:
“I think it was great! A lot of informative information. It was great to learn more about BHRT and about supplements and how it can assist in weight management! It’s great to learn about the foods that are good and bad for us; as well as, how we are in control to a point but a lot has to do with hormones/stress ect.”
“This has motivated me to try something new for snacks instead of feasting. You are all very kind, friendly and encouraging.”
“Loved the information presented and would like more of these sessions!”

Ladies’ Nights
Ever wished you could throw a private party, for you and your Besties, in our spa?

Appetizers, Refreshments, Gifts & Special Surprises…
It can all be yours!

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