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External Affairs Medical Spas have been service the Edmonton area with laser hair removal services for the last 15 years. Using only the most cutting edge technology, we have given our clients the permanent relief from hair and stubble that they had only once dreamed of.

We offer FREE consultations with our experienced laser technicians in both our Edmonton and St. Albert locations. Call for a FREE consultation today!

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During a laser session, the laser emits light energy to follicular structures thereby injuring the hair follicle and reducing the ability for it to produce a hair. The technical objective is to destroy the hair follicle by heating it to a high enough temperature without damaging the surrounding tissue. Since not all of the hair follicles produce hair at the same time, multiple treatments are required to effectively treat all the growth cycles. Factors such as thickness, colour of the hair, hormones, laser energy used, clinical standards and experience of the technician may all affect the number of treatments required.

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The answer lies in the worry-free time spent without stubble or regrowth. When treated with Laser HR, hair-free skin can last as long as 6 weeks or longer. Every subsequent treatment permanently erases follicles that are in the growth phase. Regrowth becomes less dense after each treatment.


We generally say 8 treatments. Hormones, skin and hair colour are all variables. Most follicles on the face and body remain dormant until triggered by hormones. This is the most evident during puberty or post menopause. The key is to have hair permanently removed before they lose their colour, in which case the laser cannot treat them. Other treatment options such as waxing or electrolysis are used for grey or white hair.


When a medical grade laser is in the hands of an excellent technician, hair that is in the growth phase is rendered necrotic. A low power laser, or an inexperienced technician can simply damage the follicle, leaving you with light, thin, laser resistant hair. So to full answer the question of permanence, the answer is both yes and, depending on where you go, no. Hormonal changes that stimulate previously dormant follicles may require annual or semi-annual treatments if the area was previously, fully treated.


Only two medical professionals have been offering Laser HR in the capital region longer than External Affairs. Our laser technicians and nurses have served apprenticeships with our founder and clinical director. You will be treated by a credentialed, trained professional, in one of the pioneering laser companies in Alberta. The lasers we use to remove hair are available only to medical professionals. They are either new or under a maintenance/ service contract. They are predictable. This translates into consistent, reliable efficiency. Our loyal clients trust us to put integrity and excellence first, cut no corners and always be available to professionally service their needs.

People have an innate wisdom when it comes to spotting value. Thankfully, the public’s wisdom decides the long term success or demise of every company offering Laser HR.

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