Learn More About Saxenda: Our Prescription Weight Loss Treatment

Clients who come to External Affairs for CoolSculpting® procedure for the treatment of visible fat bulges in under the chin, under the jawline thigh, abdomen and flank, along with bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks and upper arm. However the CoolSculpting® procedure is not a treatment for weight loss. Some clients interested in Coolsculpting have been recommended to lose weight prior to the Coolsculpting procedure for best results.

There is a weight loss drug on the market, Saxenda, which is available by prescription. This medication is indicated for weight management in adult patients with an initial BMI of 30 or greater or BMI of 27 with at least one weight related health problem, such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Studies show Saxenda helped with weight loss three times as much as part of a reduced calorie diet and increased physical activity than with reduced calorie and increased physical activity alone.

Saxenda is very different from all other weight loss drugs. It is a once a day injection like some diabetes medications, it works by mimicking a natural occurring hormone that your intestine secretes when you eat, causing satiety and a reduction in sensations of hunger and desire to eat Saxenda was originally marketed as Victoza, prescribed to treat diabetes. It was discovered that a side effect of Victoza was weight loss. Saxenda is essentially a higher dose of Victoza, and after much testing, the FDA approved it for weight loss in December of 2014.

Like many medications, patients taking Saxenda can have side effects, which are not experienced by everyone but should they occur, they can often be easily managed. Usual side effects are gastrointestinal in nature.

The medical team at External Affairs can assess if this medication is right for you and can help you manage some of the side effects as well provide monthly weigh ins.

For more information call External Affairs at 780-455-2754 or 780-459-5520 to make an appointment for a Saxenda consultation.

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