Maskne (Mask+Acne) - Why Your Face Is Breaking out And How To Stop It

Mascne (Mask+Acne) – Why Your Face Is Breaking out And How To Stop It

2020 has brought many new things and changes to our lives. One of these ‘new things’ is a term called ‘Mascne’.

What is Mascne? Mascne is the breakouts that are occuring underneath our masks around our cheek, chin and jaw, due to wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time.

We have enough to contend with these days so why is this happening? There are a few things at play here, first being that it is summer in Alberta finally and with summer comes humidity to this usually arrid province. Couple that with covering part of your face with a mask continually and we have the perfect moist breeding ground for bacteria to grow, thus giving us clogged pores and pustules.

Now that we know what it is, and what is causing it, what can we do about it?

We love our fellow Albertans so ditching the mask is definitely out of the question but that’s not our only option. Let’s look at other things we can do:

1. Be diligent in your skin care routine. Using products containing Salicylic and Glycolic Acid helps decrease the bacteria on the skin and increase the cellular turnover keeping those pore clogging cells from building up. We have great EA skin care products that can help you achieve this:

EA Salicylic Face and Body Wash

EA Dual Action Toner 

EA 10% Glycolic Gel

2. We all know that touching your face during these times is not cool but it is especially important to not transfer bacteria from your hands to your face.

3. Drink your water, drink your water, drink your water! It is just as important to flush the toxins from the inside as it is to keep them at bay on the outside.

4. Clean up your diet. Do you know that certain foods can cause an inflammatory response in your skin? Avoiding dairy, gluten, certain nuts and sugary foods can have a profound result on what’s happening on the outside.

5. If all else fails, call the experts. At External Affairs, our skin care specialists have a huge arsenal of treatments that can help. From lasers that actually kill the bacteria, chemical peels, facials, and medical grade skin care, we have something for all kinds of skin conditions. We also have an in house medical team if prescriptions are needed.

Contact our experts today and see how we can help with your Mascne issues.

Carol Verbeek

Carol Verbeek RN

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