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Your brows are front and centre on your face, accentuating your eyes. When you’ve tried every available makeup option for your overplucked, misshapen, or thinning out brows, only to suffer through makeup that wears off or achieving the wrong shape, microblading ensures that your brows are on point without rubbing off.


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The natural-looking, hassle-free brow solution.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure that implants pigment under your skin with a hand-held tool. Equipped with multiple small blades, our permanent makeup artist specialists deposit the chosen pigment into the skin.

The benefit behind the superfine blades is the realistic hair strokes our specialists can achieve, seamlessly blending the pigment strokes and your actual hairs.

By creating small cuts in the first seven layers of your skin, microblading achieves a semi-permanent effect that lasts from one to three years.

Gorgeous, natural brows.

Our skilled artists will create beautiful, semi-permanent eyebrows, using the delicate process of hand drawing small tattoo strokes to mimic natural hairs. The results leave you with defined, natural-looking brows that will enhance your unique face shape.

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Why Choose Us?

As one of the first places in Alberta to offer microblading, at External Affairs, our expert artists, not only take the course, but are sent for training from top-of-the-line industry professionals before apprenticing with us for one year.

We take our clients’ health and beauty seriously and would never let someone under qualified work on your brows with semi-permanent pigmentation.

What To Expect

Microblading begins with an expert consultation to ascertain the look you are going for and to solidify the plan: our specialist will measure your face and draw on your brows so you can see what the result will look like. An allergy test will be completed if you have never gotten a tattoo or other work before.

On treatment day, you’ll comfortably rest on one of our beds, while our specialist applies numbing cream before mapping your brows to ensure the shape and design is to your preferences. Once the numbing cream has taken effect and we’re confident with the plan, we’ll begin microblading, mimicking your brow hairs with hair-like strokes. While the numbing cream manages discomfort, you will feel pressure and a scratching sensation throughout the procedure.

Of course, results are dependent upon individual care, UV ray exposure, and your face’s oil production, but after the first application, your eyebrows will be 50% darker than their finished product (which will take 1-2 weeks). Don’t worry though, looking dark in the beginning is an important part of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure? Read our FAQ’s below.

Am I a good candidate for microblading?

You cannot undergo microblading if you are pregnant, exclusively breastfeeding, diabetic, epileptic or sick (viral infection, disease, cold, or flu.)

Also, if you suffer from keloids or hypertrophic scarring, are undergoing chemotherapy, have a pacemaker or a heart condition, have undergone an organ transplant, suffer from psoriasis or other skin irritations around your eyebrows, have used Accutane in the last year, or are taking an medication or treatments that compromise your immune system or healing.

How long does it take?

The actual procedure takes about two hours and is followed by a touch-up that takes about an hour. Touch-ups typically occur 5-10 weeks after your initial treatment.

How long does it last?

Microblading techniques and pigments are semi-permanent, lasting up to three years. Some fading will occur after the first year, so we recommend annual touch-ups. Your microbladed brows will fade quicker if you’re iron deficient, not using sunscreen on your face, exfoliating your brows, spend a lot of time in salt water, and if you’re a smoker.

How do you choose the colour?

Our specialists create a custom pigment blend based on your preferences, features, and skin tone, but we do try to match it to your natural brow colour for the best result.

Does microblading hurt?

We take every precaution to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedure, but by its nature, microblading is uncomfortable. Pain tolerance and response to numbing vary – some people find it painful while others don’t experience any discomfort.

How do I care for them afterwards?

We will provide you with aftercare instructions at your appointment – following them carefully will give you the best results. Remember not to touch or pick at your brows as they heal and scab and to keep your hair off them.

You’ll want to avoid sweating, makeup, and sunscreen for a minimum of ten days afterward and refrain from cosmetic treatments like botox, peels, and microdermabrasion for a month after.

How long does it take to heal?

In the week following your treatment, your brows will scab and become dark and defined (more than your desired aesthetic) – this is normal and not how they will look after healing is complete. Overall, healing takes about six weeks.

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