Illuminate your skin.

Are you struggling with excess oil production and large pores that you just can’t seem to get rid of? You’ve tried everything from changing your diet to using expensive cleansers, toners, and moisturizers but your skin is still not co-operating?

You were born with your pores, but that does not mean you have to live with them, at External Affairs we’re here to help to minimize the appearance of your pores and offer an easily maintained solution.


  • Acne + Blemishes
  • Skin Texture
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Customized for your skin’s unique needs.

Our customized cocktail can include Dysport®, filler, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). During your treatment, our registered nurse will clean your skin thoroughly and then begin applying your specialized Microtox treatment using our unique Aqua Gold device.

The Aqua Gold device is a patented micro-channeling technology, each needle is thinner than a human hair. The treatment is pain-free, and you will have no downtime associated with the treatment.

Some of the benefits of Microtox Include:

  • Decreases pore size: tightens the skin so pores appear smaller
  • Eliminates excess oil production: treatments reduce the skin’s oil production and acne breakouts
  • Improves superficial scarring and fine lines: yields very natural results for younger and flawless looking skin
  • Pain-free: uses a needle thinner than a human hair to apply your specialized treatment
  • No downtime: you can go back to your daily activities post treatment
  • Quick effects: the treatment begins to work from 3 to 7 days
  • Long-lasting results: last 2-4 months and is cost effective for younger clients

Say goodbye to enlarged pores.

We specialize in designing signature, comprehensive treatment plans for large pores and other skin conditions based on your unique needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to find the best treatment plan, keeping your budget and downtime needs in mind, to help you achieve radiant skin that shines and glows.

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Shrink Your Pores and Remove Excess Oil for Good!

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Why Choose Us?

External Affairs has over 20 years of experience with various medical grade equipment required to treat cosmetic concerns.

Our technicians and registered nurses are trained by our founder and clinical director, meaning that you’re treated by a knowledgeable and credentialed team.

What To Expect

Microtox treatment is a relatively painless procedure since the microneedles are so tiny. Results will take effect in about 3-7 days post-treatment, after which your skin will radiate, and your pores will shrink.

Frequency of the treatment depends on the unique needs of your skin and the lasting results it yields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure? Read our FAQ’s below.

Is Microtox safe?

A common, medical procedure, Microtox is a fractional injection of Botox® (commonly used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and also referred to as “baby Botox®”) and safe when performed by a trained professional.

It is a non-invasive treatment and some rare side effects include temporary skin burns, temporary minor swelling, and a slight burning sensation post procedure.

Are there activities I should avoid post-Treatment?

You should avoid consuming alcohol, exercise, and flying for at least 12 hours post-treatment.

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