Nurse Sheena: Tech Neck

Most of us are consumed with our phones and computers each day. Studies show that young adults use their phone between 5-9 hours PER DAY. Being on your phone 24/7 can have some side effects though…If you’re like me and you hold your phone like this…you are at risk for TECH NECK.

As an injector, I want to make sure my clients look youthful from forehead to décolleté. It wasn’t until I started paying attention to my neck that I realized I had Tech Neck or also known as technology lines…and so did my clients!



Tech Neck is the result of us constantly bending our necks to look at screens which leads to these lines across our necks. Our skin for our neck is quite delicate and constant bending of your head and neck can cause women to have signs of premature aging.

Men and women are starting to pay really close attention to their neck now in terms of laxity, double chins, and wrinkles.

Dr. Christopher Rowland Payne, from The London Clinic, said: “The problem of wrinkles and sagging of the jowls and neck used to begin in late middle age but, in the last 10 years, because of ‘tech-neck’, it has become a problem for a generation of younger women.”

Constant movement and looking down towards your phone and computer can emphasize those dynamic technology wrinkles. Years of looking down will actually turn those dynamic lines into lines that never go away. Among the many things, our phones can do…Who would have thought they’d be causing our necks to age?!

So unless you’re willing to bring your phone all the way at eye level every single time you use it, there are a couple of incredible options to help you get rid of that tech neck and prevent worsening.


1.Hyaluronic Acid Fillers: There are incredible fillers available today to actually have technology lines disappear in an instant. In this next video, you can see Becky our clinical director using cannula technique for my neck. It was painless and quick, I actually did not feel anything. Immediately after the procedure, I was left with minimal redness, no bruising, no bleeding. Best of all, my necklace lines were gone and I felt like myself again. Results of filler in this last over a year.

2. Microneedling and Vampire Facial: This is one of my all-time favorite things to have done. A vampire facial is – in basic terms – microneedling on steroids. Using the growth factors we take from your blood, called platelet-rich plasma, we can microneedle this into your face, neck, and chest causing tightening, increased collagen, and skin rejuvenation. There is minimal downtime involved.

3. Medical Grade skin care: Glycolic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help turn over the skin cells quicker and cause micro-exfoliations to improve texture, Vitamin C to help brighten the overall appearance of the neck and reverse signs of sun damage

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