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Nurse Sheena: What Age Do I Start Botox/Dysport?

I get this question all of the time. My friends and family initially thought I was a little crazy for starting Botox/ Dysport at 22 years old. I would often get responses like “you’re so young, you don’t need that!” or “Why not wait till you actually have wrinkles!”

They weren’t looking at the fact I had tiny little crow’s feet (lines around the eyes when smiling), and eyebrows that seemed to be pulling down. Or the fact that every time I was concentrating or driving I would frown without even realizing.

Was I imagining things? Being expressive, squinting in the sun, and frowning while I drive had made me question everything I knew about cosmetic injections.

My plan, like most women, was to start Botox between the age of 35-40, when lines became permanent and wrinkles really start to form to try to restore my youth.


It’s a personal choice. Is it important to you? Does it affect your confidence and self-esteem, or is it weighing heavily on your mind all of the time? If so, go in for a consultation and learn a little more about what your options are.

Everyone’s doses are completely different too. For example, if your friend had 25 units of Botox/Dysport, it could be a lot more or a lot less than what you need. Why is this? A 30-year-old woman with red hair and fair skin will age faster compared to a 30-year-old with dark hair and olive skin (link to study).

I have known women with beautiful auburn hair and freckles that started Botox at age 18. A great tool for assessment is the Fitzpatrick Scale, it’s an estimate of how different skin colors will react to UV exposure. Take the Fitzpatrick Scale Quiz Now

Fair skin can produce little to no melanin. Having higher amounts of melanin can give protection against wrinkles and skin cancer.


It’s also good to understand dynamic and static wrinkles. Dynamic happens with expressions- such as smiling and seeing little crows feet around the eyes, frowning and seeing your little eleven lines in the middle of your brows, and raising your forehead and seeing horizontal lines.

When those lines start to set in, without expression, those are called static lines- they are always there! Static lines can be more difficult to get rid of, especially if they’ve been around for years and years…


Think of Botox/Dysport to your dynamic lines as your prevention. Even if you need just a couple units… You can prevent those wrinkles from ever coming! You’ll remain youthful and spend less money in the preventative stage!!

Static lines require a lot more dedication. They can go away too but you may have to be strict with your Botox/Dysport regimen and you will most likely need to combine it with skin treatments such as laser resurfacing and tightening treatments. You may ALSO need fillers to actually fill the wrinkles because losing volume and years of expression can contribute to some static lines that are so deep, neurotoxins won’t be able to soften them alone.

It’s a lot easier to start when those wrinkles are teeny tiny in the preventative stage.


With your Botox, you also need to be using prescription grade products. You wouldn’t get your teeth cleaned from the dentist and then never brush your teeth right? This is the same idea!

You can actually enhance your results by having an excellent skin care and supplement regimen. Some important skincare ingredients everyone should be looking for are: SPF 30-50 OF COURSE, Vitamin C, Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), and Glycolic Acid.

What about the oh so amazing Hyaluronic Acid skin creams?!! At least once a week a brand new client says they’re using an expensive moisturizer packed full of hyaluronic acid to get rid of wrinkles and to increase their skin’s natural volume.

I always ask: well, did it work? And of course, it didn’t (otherwise they probably wouldn’t come in for a Botox consultation). It is pretty simple why it didn’t work.

Anatomy of Human Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and our outside skin layer, called our epidermis, is literally waterproof. If you are massaging the hyaluronic acid moisturizer on your skin, it wouldn’t make sense for it to enter the epidermis (which has five layers), then the dermis (two layers), then the hypodermis, then somehow the muscle to stop contraction to get rid of the wrinkle! Spend your money on treatments that will actually improve your areas of concern.

Botox/Dysport are the only treatments that will reduce muscle contractions. Hyaluronic acid is actually a sugar molecule we have in our body, so if you are looking for volume increase, you’ll definitely want to have a consultation on hyaluronic acid filler injections. But volume loss and how to begin filler injections is another blog for another day…

Some of my mature clients told me they had started Botox at 40, which was either perfect timing or wished they would have started at 30. I have clients in their 30s who say the same thing- it was perfect or they wished they would have started in their 20’s.

Aging is beautiful and normal, laughing and having expressions is one of mankind’s defining traits. A good injector will help you to age gracefully and help increase your confidence, while still helping you look like you.

If you feel like you want to get rid of some wrinkles, all the power to you! If you don’t, that is okay too! It’s your body, as long as you are educated on your treatment options then you will know what age is right for you and if it’s right for you.

Until next time,


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