Our February Self Love Challenge

February is all about love, and we’re focusing on self-love at External Affairs this month! We’re excited to launch our Self Love Challenge and we can’t wait to see how you bring it into your daily life.

We have created a printable pdf file with your daily self love challenge that you can find here: https://bit.ly/2GbY6d0, or check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts for our tips all month.

So what is self love? We believe self-love is open and honest.

It’s the ultimate commitment; to get to know and accept yourself as you are. To fully experience life as it happens to you. To continually seek ways to physically, psychologically, and spiritually grow from these experiences.

True self-love is giving yourself unconditional respect, appreciation, and evaluation of being great. It’s reminding yourself that you deserve to have all your personal needs met while considering yourself as worthy, valuable, and deserving of happiness.

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