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What Areas Can I Have Done?


The majority of our permanent makeup clients are those whose facial hair is void of colour. Their skin tone is pale and their lashes are light or even blonde. Permanent eye-liner brings our the size, colour and shape of their eyes. Others have been wearing applied eye-liner daily most of their lives and enjoy the convenience, time savings, and reliability of Permanent Eyeliner.


At External affairs we understand the power and necessity of good brows to overall beauty. Even if a client comes in for Botox® or a facial, our corporate philosophy is that, “No one should leave EA with bad brows. Wax them and pencil them in if necessary. Just don’t let them leave with bad brows”. Penciling, waxing and tinting works great, but Permanent Makeup for the perfect brows will always be the platinum standard. it also gives every esthetician, for the rest of your life, a guide to wax by.

Over plucking, Alopecia, Hertoghe’s Syndrome (long term hypo-thyroid can cause brows to permanently fall out) age, far-sightedness, sagging or elevated brows are all great reasons to have permanent brows. Ever come home and found that sometime during the day you accidentally wiped off one of your brows?

Perfectly beautiful, natural looking permanent brows may be the answer. Most of our clients do not have horrible natural brows. They just want them to look as a good as they can be. Permanently.


Look closely at the details of a child’s lips. You will see a crisp vermillion border. Just inside the vermillion border you will also see what appears to be a natural lip-liner. The shape, including the Cupid’s bow, colour intensity and thickness are all flawless. This is youthful, lip perfection as nature intended.

As we age, the sun bleaches the vermillion border and the natural lip liner. The border can appear jagged and erratic as facial-tone skin begins breaking up the former crisp vermillion line. Lips may appear thinner and bleached and begin to meld into the background, while the natural lip liner, in time, fades to nonexistent.

Permanent liner and fill restores the youthful crisp lines of the vermillion border, the naturally occurring lip-liner and the natural colour intensity of youthful lips.

Permanent lip-liner and fill is not intended as a substitute for lip stick. When it is done correctly, it appears as though the lips are youthful and natural in all details including colour. It is also a great thing for those who were not genetically blessed with deep lip pigment. Those who wear the scars of hypopigmentation caused by cold sores, injury or smoker’s lines (whether or not you smoke), can all benefit from Permanent Lip-Liner and Fill.

Depending on the current state of your lips, our artists may suggest Juvederm® lip injections to replace lost collagen and help slightly with shape correction, loss of volume, smoker’s lines and/or to improve vermillion show. Juvederm® is always done about 10 days to 2 weeks before Permanent Make-Up.

Permanent Make-up

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