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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Permanent Make-Up Tattooing?

We implant pigment under the skin similar to tattooing. Our equipment is radically different, our training is radically different, our pigments and anesthetics are radically different. We do not do body tattoos, nor do we know how to do body tattoos. Permanent-Make up is a specialised discipline of tattooing that requires intense, long term training.

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I have allergies. Can I get Permanent Make-up?

You will be patch tested on the day of your consultation. You will receive two tiny little pokes behind your ear. If they react in any way, the answer is yes. If after a few hours there is no sensation or redness, you are good to go. Our pigments are considered biologically inert and the patch test is there to catch the one in a million.

Allergies are on a continuum from undiagnosed to severe and life threatening. We recommend that all PM clients take an antihistamine about an hour before they have work done. It controls the flow of histamine in the skin once the work begins. Anti-histamines slow the flow of subcutaneous histamine and allows the pigment to implant rather than being pushed back out. In the spring, everyone has higher histamine levels, whether they have allergies or not.

Blood thinners, aspirin and red wine the night before can create challenges for your artist. If you can, discontinue their use for a day or two before you see your artist.

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How Long Does It Last?

Natural, inert pigments will fade over time when subjected to UV rays. If you look in a mirror under normal lighting conditions, what you will notice is that your brows are well lit but your eyes are in a shadow created by your brow bone. Eye-liner can last over ten years without requiring a refresh; brows however, will fade faster due to their constant UV exposure. How fast they fade depends largely on the intensity and duration of the UV exposure. Lip-liner and fill always looks great. It fades slowly and naturally and ten year old lips can look as good as when they were fresh. We always recommend sun block and warn against face tanning.

The good news is that External Affairs clients are entitled to a refresh appointment at any time throughout their lives at half of the current price.

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Permanent Make-up

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