Permanent Make-up & Microblading Brows
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Permanent Make-up Microblading
The human face can be divided into three sections. The top third contains the brows and forehead, the center third is cheeks and nose, and the bottom third contains the lips and chin.

In a box – One of the easiest and most cost efficient methods of improving overall beauty is to lead with pretty brows.
The most popular methods to achieving beautiful brows with great colour and ideal brow shape include: penciling or powdering, brow tints with waxing, permanent make-up and microblading. Let’s talk a little about the longer lasting options: Permanent Make-up and Microblading.

Permanent Make-Up

The Gold Standard

Meighan Smyth
Permanent Make-up is applied to brows using a rotary pen device that oscillates a disposable cartridge of 4 or 5 needles in a row. Pigments are used as opposed to inks that you would see in a tattoo parlour. The difference is the size of the grind, or solid material in the solution. Pigments are a course grind compared to the particulate in inks. If you look at an old tattoo you may see that it has fuzzy edges. The fine particles can migrate under the skin. With permanent make-up pigments’ larger particulate size, the colour stays put.
Permanent Make-up is deposited into the dermis of the skin at approximately the depth of a dime. Because the pigment is deposited in live tissue, it will, like a body tattoo, be considered permanent.

While the pigments are “permanently” implanted, they are going to degenerate in response to UV rays. Fading happens similar to the paint on your car or the siding on your house. The south side that receives the most hours of UV rays will fade at an accelerated rate compared to the north side that receives limited sunlight. Brows, like no other body part, are always exposes to light. Depending on sun and UV exposure, Permanent brows will look good for between 2 and 4 or 5 years.
External Affairs artists have received extensive training and may use multiple colours and a hair stroke technique to achieve a long lasting, natural, three-dimensional look.


The In Thing

The internet has changed the way we see brows. Microblading exploded onto the beauty scene due to the web’s images of natural looking, extremely fine hair strokes achievable only with microblading.
Microblading looks beautiful and natural when the technician truly understands land marking, direction of hair growth, and modern brow shaping. However, it is rare to see pictures of microblading that are taken a month or two after the treatment day. Most pictures are taken immediately after the service was completed.

The reason is, microblading pigments are implanted into the epidermis as opposed to permanent make-up pigments that are implanted into the live tissue in the dermis. The epidermis is made up of dead or keratinised skin cells that are scheduled to slough off sometime over the next few months (time regulated in large part by age and environmental factors). Once the keratinized skin cells are gone, so are micro-bladed hair stokes. This can be anywhere from 2 to 6 months, with constant fading in between.
At External Affairs Medical Spas our artists undergo an intensive year-long apprenticeship, 51 weeks longer than the industry standard. EA offers both permanent make-up and microblading methods, and some clients opt for a combination. A combination gives the client both the longevity of permanent make-up combined with the fine features but higher maintenance of microblading.

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Permanent Make-up

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