Why External Affairs?
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Besides Doctors, RNs, Artists, equipment, pigments, anesthetics and reputation, External Affairs does have lovely bricks and mortar. But, bricks and mortar can never make a business. It is always and only about the people, their passion and their discipline.

Permanent Make-Up is the most difficult service to master when we compare it to every other service we offer. Humility, dedication and years of disciplined practice are required to become a Master of Permanent Make-Up. Our Artists serve a one year apprenticeship with our company’s President. After two or more years of intense supervised practice, they are sent to Canadian Micro-Pigmentation Center in Toronto for a week long evaluation and certification. We do not take chances with our reputation or our legacy of excellence.

What’s scary is the fact that after a one week training session, individuals can be certified to go out and do Permanent Makeup unsupervised. Being in the business, we hear about the horror stories. Some of those stories we have seen have had to be removed and then corrected. Performing the correct removal of permanent makeup is painstaking. We have pioneered effective removal techniques. But, we hate doing it and we highly recommend you get it done right the first time. We do it only as a public service as you cannot possibly charge enough to cover the time and energy required.

External Affairs has pioneered Eyeliner techniques that are incomparable in the industry. Whatever look you want, our artists can do. No excuses, and no multiple redo’s because it wouldn’t stick. Brows are applied one hair stroke at a time with multiple colours to achieve a natural three dimensional look.

With rare exception, one touch-up appointment for brows and liner and two touch-ups for lips is all we need to ensure we have satisfied the bright light and intense magnification test. Colour saturation will be as desired and all lines will be crisp and natural. Your touch-up is included in the initial fee.

Permanent Make-up

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