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PRP in Edmonton, Alberta

Platelet-Rich-Plasma treatments in Edmonton & St. Albert, are performed at External Affairs Medical Spas.

Thursday April 28th

We offer:

  • Vampire Facial ®
  • Vampire Facelift ®
  • Vampire Breastlift ®
  • Vampire Hair Restoration ®
  • O-Shot ®
  • P-Shot®

Vampire FaceLift-«
Vampire Facial-«

External Affairs Medical Spas offers PRP to the Edmonton area. We have received advanced education in the Vampire Facial ®, Vampire FaceLift ®, Vampire Hair Restoration ®, Vampire Breast Lift ®, O-Shot ®, and P-Shot ®.

Why Vampire®?

Vampire technology is a trademarked method of delivering PRP to the face, breasts, hairline, vagina and penis; as invented by Dr. Charles Runels. This procedure is effective in harnessing the healing powers of platelets and growth factors from your own blood. Each person’s age related concerns are unique and should be addressed individually. Often patients are looking for a more natural, non-surgical alternative method to slow and reverse the signs of aging. Vampire technology is a simple, safe, anti-aging procedure that is part of an integrated approach to skincare that addresses both internal and external factors. One of the reasons why the science behind PRP is so amazing, is that the product that is being injected to stimulate healing and rejuvenation, is made by your own body! Yes, PRP is done using your very own blood!

What is PRP?

PRP, or Platelet-Rich-Plasma, is a fairly new, non-surgical, in office treatment that uses your body’s very own growth factors, and stimulates stem cells to regenerate and restore healthy, skin and blood vessels. This technology has been used successfully for some time now when healing injuries by the athletic medical community. In a cosmetic setting, PRP therapy is used to speed up the body’s natural healing process and attracting stem cells to aged tissue, to increase blood supply, and enhance the collagen in the areas treated. The result is a glowing complexion, with firmed, more elastic skin.

In addition, this science can be used in a medical setting to help with sexual health. PRP can be used to treat urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and sexual optimization through the same PRP process.

The PRP Process

Before any PRP procedure is chosen or preformed, a detailed consultation will take place to assess cosmetic needs and determine the best treatment, or combination of treatments best suited to achieve the most optimal and desired results. A quick and simple blood collection is done and  processed immediately through a centrifuge machine. The plasma is then injected back into the problem area and all the active proteins and growth factors that stimulate the stem cell response, quickly go to work!

The Results

While it does create longer lasting effects in the skin, the healing properties of the blood components in the PRP do take time to work. After a few weeks you will start to notice its restorative and regenerative effects on the areas treated like increased hydration and blood flow and overall enhancement in skin tone and texture. Over the next few months, you will start to notice more the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and improvement with volume loss and elasticity.

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