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What is the Vampire O-Shot®?

The Vampire O-Shot® is the use of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy that is injected into the patients vaginal tissue. The potent protein rich platelets that are rich in growth factors will naturally attract your own stem cells into the area, and aid in rejuvenating more desirable and functional tissue like the G-Spot, O-Spot, urethra and vaginal wall.  Regenerating these tissues will result in

  • better lubrication
  • higher sensitivity
  • more intense orgasm
  • tightening
  • and improve overall look.
Improve Sexual Function

Why Choose the Vampire O-Shot®?

Who would benefit from the O-Shot®.

  1.  The woman who suffers from Urinary Incontinence. That annoying little habit of peeing when you sneeze, laugh, or exercise.
  2. The woman who suffers from vaginal dryness.
  3. A woman who has yet to achieve an orgasm. Or, would like to achieve a more intense, more frequent orgasm.
  4. The woman who has loss of sensitivity.
  5. The woman who wants to improve the overall look and feel of her vagina.

The Process

The O-Shot® is an all natural, almost painless , non surgical procedure that uses PRP technology to stimulate stem cells and growth factors in the vaginal tissues. Minimal swelling and bruising is expected and results can be noticed within a few days of post procedure.

Our process includes numbing, through the use of lidocaine applied topically; as well as, injected. This results in a completely comfortable procedure. While you are numbing, your blood is drawn by an experienced Registered Nurse. Your blood remains in the room with you, as it is spun in a high-grade centrifuge that will separate the platelets. The RN will prepare your PRP through the use of Calcium Choloride. Finally, this dense in growth factors product will be injected in strategic points in and around the vagina.

Before leaving, you will be provided a Medical Device to enhance and optimize your treatment. This device is mandatory and is included in the price of your service. There are two devices to choose from. One treats anorgasmia, and the other urniary and urge incontinence.

The Results

After receiving the O-Shot®, woman will experience increased sensitivity, better and healthier sex, more intense orgasms and overall improvement on appearance. Woman who suffer from urinary stress incontinence will experience results almost immediately.

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