PRP Breast Lift
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What is Vampire® Breast Lift?

Using PRP Vampire® technology , the platelet rich plasma (PRP) is injected into the breasts to create fuller, perkier breast, and to reshape and round our your bust. This procedure is not a substitute for implants and is not meant to increase chest size, but rather to give lift back to saggy breasts, decrease the appearance of stretch marks, increase breast and nipple sensitivity, and the overall improve lift and shape.

Why choose Vampire® Breast lift?
Vampire BreastLift

There are typically two prime candidates for a Vampire® Breast Lift. The first one is a woman with natural breasts who is wanting smoother skin and to even out or replace the roundness in the cleavage, OR a woman who has implants and is looking to correct minor defects or wanting to round out the area where the implant has been placed where rippling may have already taken place, giving her breasts a more natural look.

The Process

After your initial consultation on  the day of your procedure, a small amount of blood is drawn and processed through a centrifuge machine where the platelet rich plasma is separated from the red blood cells. The PRP is then injected back into your breasts in the areas needing improvement. There is no downtime and the pain is very minimal. Minor swelling and bruising is to be expected and results can start to be noticed after only a few short days.

The Results

Because PRP Vampire® technology is using your body’s own system of healing processes, when walking out of External Affairs after your procedure you will not notice a difference right away. Typically a person needs about two months to achieve maximum results, and those results will be fuller, more plump and round breasts.

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