Don’t Hide Your Legs

Soften and erase the appearance of veins.

While veins can be unsightly, causing self-consciousness in skirts, shorts, and dresses, they can also be uncomfortable, leading to chronic swelling, pain, blood clots, or infections (not to mention issues during pregnancy).

Conditions It Treats

  • Varicose Veins & Spider Veins
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Don’t hide your legs! Banish those spider veins!

An effective treatment for both spider and varicose veins, sclerotherapy is widely used to treat small varicose veins. A non-surgical procedure, sclerotherapy is a treatment for diseased surface veins.

By injecting a sclerosing agent (usually a salt solution) directly into the vein, the blood vessel’s lining becomes irritated and vein walls collapse, resulting in a smaller vein and reducing swelling, aching, burning, and night cramps.

Eliminate Unsightly Leg Veins

Sclerotherapy has been successfully used for vein removal since the 1930’s. Originally developed for treatment of varicose veins, today it is a treatment of choice for red, blue or purple veins of all sizes.


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At External Affairs, we are dedicated to finding the best solution for you and your veins. We use the most current methods to effectively treat visible veins and to prevent future veins from reappearing.

What to Expect

During your consultation, our medical professionals will ask questions regarding past health, medication history, and symptoms. If treatment is indicated, we’ll book you in for sclerotherapy.

The treatment takes less than an hour and doesn’t require anesthesia. The injection site will be cleansed and, lying on your back, a fine needle will be inserted into the vein to inject the sclerosing agent. When the needle’s inserted, you may experience some stinging or cramping as the agent is injected.

Afterwards, we apply compression and massage to the area to move the solution around and prevent blood from entering the injected vessel. We may use a compression pad on the site if we’re treated several veins.  After treatment, walking around is important to prevent blood clots and you’ll wear compression stockings for about two weeks.

Typically, you can resume your regular activities, but you should have someone drive you home and avoid any strenuous exercise and sun exposure to the area for a couple of weeks. Three to six weeks following your sclerotherapy, you should expect to see results. The veins that have responded to treatment tend to disappear, but you may see new veins appear in other areas if you’re prone to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure? Read our FAQ’s below.

Does the treatment hurt?

During your sclerotherapy treatment, a medication is injected into the vein, you may experience a mild burning sensation, but this normally only lasts for a couple seconds.

Are there side effects to Sclerotherapy treatment?

The most common side effects are bruises at injection sites and temporary stinging, swelling, and/or skin discolouration.

What causes vein problems?

Varicose and spider veins are often caused by aging (loss of elascitiy) and pregnancy (increased blood volume), but women tend to have them more often and age, family history, obesity, and extended standing are risk factors.

Veins carry blood from the legs back to the heart through one-way valve systems. When there is a weakness in the vein wall or a faulty valve, the valve stretches and no longer closes properly. The veins become filled with blood that can’t flow normally, causing pain, swelling, discolouration, sores that won’t heal, blood clots, and other problems.

Is Sclerotherapy covered by health insurance?

The diagnosis and treatment of significant problems due to large diseased veins are sometimes covered by Alberta Health Care.

Spider Veins are considered cosmetic and therefore do not qualify for most insurance plans. However, the compression stockings that are recommended are often included in private medical insurance plans.

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