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Say Hello to the Non-Surgical Face Lift

Silhouette InstaLift® is the only non-surgical rejuvenating procedure that uses advanced Micro-Suspension Technology™ to offer immediate and lasting results. It immediately lifts your mid-facial skin, including sagging cheeks, deeper nasolabial folds, boosts volume by activating your natural collagen production over time.

Change the look of your skin.

For decades, sagging facial skin and early signs of aging have been addressed with just one aggressive solution: facelift surgery. Today, External Affairs is thrilled to offer Silhouette Instalift, a unique, non-surgical option to lift deep nasolabial folds, sunken cheeks, and jowls – with results that improve over time!

The InstaLift procedure takes place in our clinic and is done in less than an hour. Plus, you’ll walk out with an immediate lift thanks to our Micro-suspension Technology™. And, over time, you’ll continue to see results as InstaLift boosts your natural collagen production, adding volume to your cheeks and mid-face.

About our Silhouette InstaLift

InstaLift is an innovative, non-surgical treatment that uses Micro-Suspension Technology™ to help you achieve the look you want.


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Get a Firmer, Fresher Appearance

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The award-winning External Affairs team are experts in aesthetic and regenerative medicine and have been serving Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Spruce Grove for more than 20 years.

To find out more about Silhouette Instalift we invite you to book a private consultation with us, so you can experience the attention to detail, and the high standards of care, that has led to us winning the Top Choice Award for Medical Spas in Edmonton for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

What To Expect On Your First Visit

InstaLift® takes an innovative approach to mid-facial skin rejuvenation — addressing sagging mid-facial skin on the outside and volume loss on the inside.

Unlike thread lifts, it’s the only non- surgical treatment with advanced Micro-Suspension Technology™ that uses micro-cones to provide an immediate lift and a gradual boost in natural collagen production. A Silhouette InstaLift® suture is almost twice as long as a thread used for thread lifts, giving most patients better visible results!

The goal of a Silhouette Instalift is to reposition facial and neck tissues thus restoring youthful proportions and appearances to the face.

FRequently asked questions Still not sure? Read our FAQ’s below.

You may notice a youthful-looking appearance that continues to improve over 6 months following treatment with long-term results lasting up to 2 years.

This procedure offers patients many benefits, including: – Minimally invasive – Fast recovery time – Instant results – Restores lost collagen without fillers – Lifts sagging skin and tissue for a refreshed, youthful look.
As with all treatments, you’ll complete a complimentary consultation to make sure it is right for you. InstaLift is most often recommended for women (mid-30s to age 50) seeking a rejuvenated, yet natural-looking appearance, as well as experiencing a loss of elasticity/sagging skin and loss of volume in the mid-face. They look in the mirror and lift their cheeks, wishing they could revert to where they once were and envision the youthful appearance they once had. These women are looking for an immediate lift while adding volume over time. In fact, they may have previously received cosmetic injectables. However, they don’t feel ready for surgery. While they have good skin quality, they also notice their nasolabial folds and/or sagging in their cheeks.
The cost of a Silhouette Instalift® suture is $500+GST. Cost will vary client to client! During the complimentary consultation, we will discuss how to achieve optimal results with Silhouette Instalift® to achieve your goals.
Yes. The treatment is performed in our External Affairs clinic and takes less than an hour to complete. Downtime is minimal, similar to injections, there can be bruising, swelling, pain or tenderness at the treatment site. Most signs of treatment dissipate within 24-48 hours. InstaLift is only performed by our qualified physicians who have had special, comprehensive training and are familiar with the techniques required.

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